Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Daisies Sprouting Final Eps; TCA Hearts BSG; and More!

Cool casting news permeates the sci fi universe as the stars continue to align for assorted fall shows. Plus summer sci fi trickles along, and even especially the web isn’t too proud to dance to a remake/prequel groove with some help from Ridley Scott – and a word from his sponsors.

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T-Bag To Serve Up Poison Kool-Aid?

Prison Break’s best baddie will now be a Hero……well, a villain in Heroes, more specifically, doing a Jim Jones type thing.

Robert Knepper was too talented to remain unemployed for long. We knew that.

Young Actress To Provide “Companion”-ship To Really, Really Old Guy! (Newsworthy At Least In the Fictional Realm….)

Den of Geek has enumerated “10 Things We Know About Karen Gillan.” (Ah, but if you don’t even know the name Karen Gillan in the first place, here’s the main thing to know about those other 10 things: Gillan is the actress who was just announced as Doctor Who‘s new companion.)

Virtuality Looks Slightly Less Like a Hologram of a Dead-in-the-Water Show Thanks To Schedule Bump

Virtuality’s air date has been upgraded from a snowball’s chance in hell on July 4 to a more tenable June 26 premiere (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX). While it’s now being officially touted as an “original movie,” multiple sources had been identifying it as a pilot up until recently…..that is, until Fox reportedly reworked it to make it more mainstream.

Well, weirdly, this didn’t wind up killing Dollhouse, so perhaps anything is possible……

Pushing Daisies Sprouts Out Its Final Eps – None of Which Resolve The Chuck-Ned Thing

At Sci Fi Wire, Bryan Fuller discusses the last few Daisies eps that are now airing on ABC (which at least are seeing the light of day….er……or the glow of moonlight, in their late-night slot). Despite seeing the light the end of the tunnel and knowing the end was nigh, he says of the Chuck and Ned thread: “I couldn’t really quite rush their story to any sort of conclusion.”

But in the season finale, airing June 13, Daisies channels Showgirls as Lily and Vivian go mano a mano (or is that eye-patch vs. pasties?) against their long-time rivals, and get a little Elizabeth Berkley in the process (presumably only in the backstabbing and sequin-festooned sense……can’t imagine kinky pool sex with Kyle Maclachlin found its way into the episode).

It’s An Honor To Even Be Nominated, Blah Blah Blah – But Even Better If BSG Would Smoke The Competition……

The Television Critics Association announced nominees that caught their attention this year, and while our genre didn’t exactly dominate, it does make a decent showing. Most notably, Battlestar Galactica finds itself up for ‘Program of the Year’ while Fringe and True Blood are both contenders for ‘Outstanding New Program.’

Lost also pops up as ‘Outstanding Drama.’

Prequel? It’s Like A Remake, But With A Lower Budget….

IO9 reports that Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner will be getting the prequel treatment via an interactive webshow called Purefold, which will allow fans to influence who is or isn’t a replicant. The webisodes shall stem from a new division of Scott’s commercial production company, so while rights issues bar the use of the original’s specific characters and situations, there will be product placement! The story indicates that “there is some hope it will ultimately make its way to television.” Likely the cola manufacturers and fast food flingers are the most hopeful of the bunch.

That’s it for this week. Till next time: enjoy your tenth viewing of big-screen Star Trek, and stay cool.

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