David Schwimmer: Where Is He Now?

Name: David Schwimmer

Friend: Ross Geller

Age: 42

How We Were First Introduced: A Beverly Hills High grad, Schwimmer got serious about acting at Northwestern, where he established his own theater company. Arriving in L.A. after college, he mainly toiled in small TV roles, including the 1989 TV movie,“A Deadly Science,” as well as recurring parts in “The Wonder Years” and “NYPD Blue,” that latter as a vigilante lawyer.

How He Got Hooked Into “Friends”: Just prior to the development of “Friends,” Schwimmer beat out high school friend Jonathan Silverman and Jon Cryer for the lead in the ABC pilot “Couples.” The Alphabet network never turned that into a series, but Schwimmer managed to form a good relationship with pilot executive producer Kevin Bright. And when Bright moved over to produce “Friends,” Schwimmer was one of the first actors called into audition.

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Memorable Scene: In the decade-long rollercoaster ride that was Ross and Rachel, Schwimmer was at his best in 2004’s series finale, declaring that the romance was on again for good this time: “We’re done being stupid?… unless we’re on a break,” Ross asks, while locked in an embrace with Rachel.

Personal Life: Still single, Schwimmer owns homes in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York and remains active in causes aimed towards the prevention of rape. Lately, he has been linked to British photographer Zoe Buckman.

Quote: “I find America falling in love with a TV show flattering and interesting, but at the same time a little sad.”

What He’s Doing Now: Although still the voice of Melvin the giraffe in DreamWorks’ mega-animation franchise “Madagascar,” Schwimmer is mainly directing these days. In 2007, he helmed British comedy feature “Run Fatboy Run,” written by and starring Simon Pegg. He also directed several segments for HBO import “Little Britain USA” last year.


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