One Life to Live’s Timothy Gibbs: Where Is He Now?

Name: Timothy Gibbs

Age: 42

How we were first introduced: He joined the cast of Santa Barbara as environmentalist Dash Nichols in 1990. “Santa Barbara put me through the audition process and somehow I made it through. Playing Dash (or semi-colon as Louise Sorrel called him) was a fun way to enter daytime.”

Soap hopper: Gibbs went on to play two other soap roles. He played cop Gary Sinclair on Another World from 1995 to 1998, then became one of the numerous actors to take on the role of Kevin Buchanan on One Life To Live from 1998 to 2001. Another World was my favorite. [Gary was the] most complete, complex character I have played in daytime. One Life To Live 2nd. Santa Barbara 3rd.”

Why he left the popular role of Gary: “I left Another World because my contract was up and One Life To Live asked me over and offered me more money.”

Taking over a role from another actor: “It wasn’t difficult to take over the role of Kevin simply because I had never seen the show. I didn’t know anything about the previous ‘Kevins.’ I just looked at it like a new opportunity to play a another role –a character I hadn’t played before. That’s always fun. Fans are naturally going to be upset when characters they’ve invested emotionally in suddenly change –and my take was very different. Dark and tortured –Tim Gibbs special. Not everybody jumped on board with my take, but that’s show biz.”

Favorite scene: Love scenes.

“Your characters are generally not supposed to be consistent –they’re supposed to be attractive and somewhat unpredictable –So do your sit-ups and shut up.”

Cringeworthy Storylines: “All of the stories on daytime make me cringe –and that’s a good thing. Daytime is fantasy. Jerry Springer before Jerry Springer. All of these actors that bitch about storylines have their heads in their asses. Its not supposed to be reality. Your characters are generally not supposed to be consistent –they’re supposed to be attractive and somewhat unpredictable –So do your sit-ups and shut up. I think its important to note that I didn’t always follow my own advice. Hindsight is 20/20.”

From Soaps To Videogames: In 2003, Gibbs was cast as the real life model behind the popular videogame character Max Payne. “The story of how I was hired for Max Payne 2 is funny and classic Hollywood. My agent in NY called me one day and said, ‘Tim, you’ll never guess what I just received…’. ‘Another death threat?’, I said. ‘No… I just received a request to send actors to an audition to play a video game character named Max Payne and the producers sent over a picture of you requesting that we send actors who Look like this guy!!!!!!! You’re auditioning at 4:00…’. ‘Huh… So… I’m auditioning to see if I’m me enough to get cast as me…?’. “Yep!”, said my agent. ‘Huh… well…’ I said, ‘If I don’t get this one I’m pretty sure I should quit the business…’. I got it! And it was great fun! Its nothing like acting. Its much more like modeling without the height and good looks.

Soap Fans Versus Gamers: Soap fans collect Beanie Babies. Gamers fantasize all day everyday about killing people fifty different ways with ten different weapons. If a soap fan snaps you wake up covered in lipstick marks and beans. If a gamer snaps, you might not wake up.

What He’s Doing Now: “I’m a business owner now. I own a successful construction business in NY City now. I still act when the winds blow something my way, but I’m basically a regular joe. I got into construction after renovating my Manhattan apartment on my own. My neighbor was an architect. He saw my work and liked it a lot. He told me how hard it was to find construction businesses that deliver quality work. I really loved the whole process and he could tell I was into it. He had blueprints for a renovation project that happened to be his own apartment. I bid the job. Booked it. And The JRH Davis Company was born! Learn all about my company at”

What He Does For Fun: “Jump out of airplanes! I achieved my skydiving license in February of 2008 and now have over 200 jumps! My most recent jump was in Empuriabrava, Spain. If you want to check out that jump, the pictures are on my Facebook page.”

Parting Words: “Acting is a great profession. It has been fantastic to me my whole life. I will always leave one foot in the game. You never know… Just that most folks interested enough to read my babblings here must have been a soap fan. And without soap fans I wouldn’t have spent 9 years on American television. So to all of you a big THANK YOU! For giving me the opportunity to participate in a career I’ve enjoyed to no end.”

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