Yasmine Bleeth: Where Is She Now?

Name: Yasmine Bleeth

Age: 41

Show/Character: Baywatch/Caroline Holden (1993 – 1997)

How Her Hottness Got Started in Show Business: A “No More Tears” baby model for Johnson & Johnson before she was even a year old, native New Yorker Yasmine Amanda Bleeth later got her real launch as a model for Max Factor. After a commercial spot for Soft’N’Dry deodorant, she moved on to soap operas, ‘Ryan’s Hope’ and ‘One Life to Live’. Her stunning wide smile and take-no-prisoners attitude made her perfect for TV vixens.

How We Were First Introduced: She had a guest spot on ‘Baywatch’ in 1993 and then came back in 1994 full-time as sassy divorced little sister Caroline to Alexandra Paul’s staid Lt. Stephanie Holden.

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Memorable Scene: Who can forget the remote control cat fight with roommate C.J. Parker, Pamela Anderson? Yasmine is seated in a cushy chair listening to some tunes, when the Blonde One rushes in the door, flops on the couch in a clingy dress, and snaps on the TV. Pammy plays the TV show louder and louder with her remote control. The next 30 seconds devolve into clicker madness as the buxom buddies go at it in a multi-media one-ups-manship scene that gets quashed only when the girls grab their lifeguard gear bags and head for ‘work.’

Claim To Fame: Once forcing ever-objective Jon Stewart to admit, when she guested on his Daily Show in 1999, “I’ve seen you swim with the big red thing.” The big red thing is the bouy/lifesaver that was a constant hand-held accessory for just about every cast mate on the show. But her ‘pearl’ blue eyes were the real show stopper, apparently. Yasmine’s eyes are such an unusual color that Baywatch buddy Jaason Simmons even told People Magazine about them once; “Her eyes are outstanding — a brilliant pale blue. They’re filled with energy and mischief.” She was also one of People 50 Most Beautiful in 1995, and graced the inside cover of Playboy with other Baywatch babes in 1998. Yasmine was in “a love triangle with Don Johnson and Steve Austin” when she starred in Nash Bridges for two years after she left ‘Baywatch’, then had at least one great cat fight on the Aaron Spelling series ‘Titans’ before it was abruptly cancelled. In 2003, she returned to the series for a last turn in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.

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Smartest Thing She Ever Said About Baywatch: During an internet chat with E! Online, Yasmine was asked if the name of the show should be changed to ‘Babewatch.’ “To my knowledge, there are no plans to rename the show — though some prefer ‘Babewatch’, the truth is, the lifeguards watch the bay,” she IM-ed.

What Happened To Her: At the peak of her career, Bleeth developed a life-threatening cocaine addiction. “It was almost like falling in love,” she said. “It became my boyfriend, my best friend, my family.” At the time, she was getting over her breakup with boyfriend Richard Grieco and working with Don Johnson on the series ‘Nash Bridges’ in San Francisco. Coke got her through the loneliness and heartache. “It was all I could think about,” she wrote in a 2003 issue of Glamour. “When I was high, I didn’t think about my problems. I had no pain. I wouldn’t sleep for two or three days, sometimes even four or five.”

“When I was high, I didn’t think about

my problems. I had no pain.”

Hitting Bottom: After collapsing at a 2000 photo shoot, she entered rehab. However, two weeks after leaving the Malibu facility, she crashed her car into a roadway divider in Detroit. She received two years probation, 100 hours of community service, and agreed to submit to regular drug tests.

Unsound Byte: When she recalled her infamous 2001 cocaine bust to Us Weekly, which was accompanied by the mugshot that went viral on the net, Yasmine unwisely described the grip of cocaine like “my boyfriend.” Her 100 hours of community service did not include patrolling any beaches. On the bright side, she later married the man arrested with her at the time, Paul Cerrito, and was given back the Louis Vuitton handbag taken from her by police at the scene.

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Latest Project: In 2006, Yasmine did a movie called ‘The Last Guy on Earth’ with Shelley Long and others. But in 2003, she did what may become a future sci-fi classic, ‘Maximum Surge‘, co-starring Star Trek’s Chekov (Walter Koenig). Koenig plays a computer genius gone wild; Yasmine can be seen toting a very large firearm, in a Sarah Connor Terminator pose, with catchy one-liners to like “I’ve had the pleasure.”

From Twitter to Swiffer:
We have it on good authority, a former manager who shall remain nameless, that Yasmine Bleeth now lives “in Arizona with her mother-in-law and just wants to be a housewife. Can you believe it? We just turned down a script.” Who says there are no second acts in Hollywood? After her marriage to Cerrito, Yasmine seems to be doing just fine without show business.

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