SNL’s Jim Breuer: Where Is He Now?

Jim Breuer

Age: 42

How We Were First Introduced To Jim:
Breuer joined the Saturday Night Live crew in 1995, where he remained until 1998.

The Stoner:

His working class good ole’ boy persona and naturally sleepy eyes – which maybe gave him the air of a someone who had been partaking in a serious smoke-out session – turned him into your favorite stoner next door. Breuer played a stoner in many of his stand-up specials, as well as in Dave Chappelle’s cult hit, ‘Half Baked,’ which cemented his comedic reputation.

Goat Boy:

Jim is best known for his portrayal of Goat Boy, the half man, half goat guy who was the veejay at a fictional MTV series. He also did a dead-on impersonation of Joe Pesci on ‘The Joe Pesci Show,’ and in one infamous episode of the show, Joe Pesci showed up on the air to tease the comedian.

Personal Life:
He is married with kids, lives in New Jersey, where he also cares for his parents.

Why Did He Leave SNL?
Jim left after three seasons to pursue a career in film and TV.

Life After SNL:

In the years after SNL and ‘Half Baked,’ Jim has been touring the nation with his comedy routine and has appeared in several MTV and VH1 series. In 2006, he was made the host of the VH1 show, ‘Web Junk 20,’ and he snagged his own Sirius Satellite Radio show. His Comedy Central special, ‘Let’s Clear The Air,’ airs July 25th at 11pm.

The Family Man:

Jim seems to feel at odds with the stoner, college guy persona the he cultivated on SNL, ‘Dave Chappelle’ and ‘Half Baked.’ “If you look at my old old stand-up, it was mostly relationships. Mostly about my mom and my dad,” he said on a recent interview. “And when “Saturday Night Live” and “Half-Baked” came along, it put me on a plateau but at the same time if forced me to move in a direction that I couldn’t keep up with.” The next stage in his life? A family man. But it took Bill Cosby’s advice to smack him upside the head and show him the way. The veteran comic, who was a guest on Jim’s radio show, recommended that he read a particular section of his book ‘Cosbiology,’ titled ‘The Day I Quit The Business.’ “I’m like, what does this mean?” he says. “It was like all about stop pretending to be something you’re not and be what you’re supposed to be and you will, you know, conquer the world. And I was like, “Does he know something about me?” And at that time it couldn’t have hit any more square right in my forehead. It blew me away.”

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