Adam Lambert On Rumors, The Paparazzi & Getting Into Teddy’s

One thing is for sure about Adam Lambert – he knows how to work the drama surrounding his life.

“People keep asking me like ‘what’s it like? There’s all these rumors going around!” he said at last night’s 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards in Santa Monica. “There’s paparazzi! There’s Queen rumors’ — all of them. Pick up that Rolling Stone (his upcoming tell-all interview), find the answer, whatever.”

The ‘American Idol’ star, who came in second to the more conservative Kris Allen, was there to pick up his Artist of the Year award.

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He’s been fending off rumors about his sexuality since the show, but particularly since photos surfaced of him and pal, designer, Drake LaBry, holding hands. At the red carpet, he adamantly refused to comment on the relationship.

Kara DioGuardi was also there to hand Adam his bright and shiny award during the show, and she only had praises for the emo-goth star. “Sometimes a star also has bad ass jet black hair, leather ensembles, huge empaulettes, and some of the most impressive vocal ability in eight seasons of ‘American Idol,'” she said as she announced his win. “The decadent, the rock god, Adam Lambert! He’s got the entire world waiting.”

What does Adam have to say about all the fuss about him? “This is so weird,” he told us. “I was living Melrose and Wilcox just six months ago, in a studio apartment, just hoping I could get into Teddy’s. You know? Now I CAN!”

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