Chris Hemsworth is Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”

Chris Hemsworth, whom you should remember as George Kirk, captain of a starship for 12 minutes and saved 800 lives including James T. Kirk’s, is now officially Marvel’s God of Thunder for Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. British actor Tom Hiddleston has also come on board to play the Norse God of Mischief Loki, Thor’s half-brother and hated nemesis. They’ve been confirmed to be signed for “multiple franchises,” which means they’ll both likely show up in Avengers when that finally rolls around – and possibly in Iron Man 2 or Captain America as well in the build-up to Avengers. Kevin Feige of Marvel says they want to create a universe in which characters can move freely between each other’s movies, to simulate that feeling comic readers get when there’s a surprise guest appearance by another big-time super-hero in the book they’re reading. This is a truly cool notion when you think about applying it to movies in general – how amazing would it be to be watching The Proposal and suddenly Ryan Reynolds sprouted swords from his arms and Sandra Bullock had to call in John Spartan from Demolition Man to help her kick his ass?

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