Days of Our Lives Patrick Muldoon: Where Is He Now

Name: Patrick Muldoon

Age: 40

How We Were First Introduced: After posing for a USC football calendar, Calvin Klein hired him to model jeans. That experience sparked his interest in acting. Muldoon appeared on several episodes of Who’s The Boss in 1990. “That was my first job, with Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano. I was, like 21 years old.” He also appeared on an infamous episode of Saved By The Bell. “I can never live down that I was the guy who sold Kelly some crack.”

Big break: Muldoon’s breakthrough role came in 1992, when he was cast as Austin Reed on Days of Our Lives. As the center of the hot Carrie/Austin/Sami triangle, he was soon a daytime superstar. The show was at the height of its popularity. “My shock as an actor was having to memorize so many lines. You get into this world where you go into people’s houses every day. I [left] in 1995 and every day someone [still] asks me ‘you’re Austin, right?’ It was like going to college. I’m still friends with Lisa Rinna, Christie Clark, Jason Brooks. It’s where everybody started out, like we’re alumni.”

Favorite scenes: “When Austin found his mother. When I found out Lisa Rinna’s character [Billie] got raped, Christie Clark (Carrie) getting acid thrown in her face. When Austin was a boxer. Those were sort of the highlights, looking back”

Least Favorite scenes: “When Deidre Hall (Marlena) got possessed by the devil and was levitating. I wasn’t in that storyline, but I do remember being in my dressing room while they were shooting that stuff and running out to the stage to check it out because I was like, ‘We are not shooting this, are we?'”

Ready for Primetime: Muldoon went on to play Richard Hart during the 1995-96 season of Melrose Place. “Looking back on it, it’s such a great show. It was kind of this whacked out comedy in a soapy form. It made fun of itself. When I got on the show, I thought it was just a drama. I can’t name one scene [I liked] because I was so horrible on that show. They never really wrote the character so I never knew who I was supposed to be playing, because it changed from week to week. Although I really liked the people, for me, looking back, it’s horrific.”

On the Big Screen: Muldoon’s career was taking off. People named him one of the 50 sexiest men alive. He landed a leading role in Starship Troopers. “To go from MP to a $100 million movie, to work with a genius like Paul Verhoeven, I was like a kid in a candy store. Little boys, they like to run around and play war. It was just straight up fun.”

Actor Turned Musician: “I didn’t walk away from anything. I was just getting certain kinds of parts. You can only do one Starship Toopers. This career, acting, you figure it out as you go along. I was coming off Days, and Melrose, as this big CGI thing. I was not getting the kind of roles that were what I wanted to do next. I had always been a musician. I started leaning more on the music. It wasn’t a choice. If I had gotten the type of roles I wanted at the time, I would have probably stuck with [acting.] “

What He’s Doing Now: “My band, The Sleeping Masses, has the title song, The Woman Is The Way, in Powder Blue, the Jessica Biel movie.” The film was recently released on DVD in the U.S. “It comes out in England around Christmas, so our single from the movie gets released this summer. We’re breaking in the UK first. Next month it’s going to be all over the music channels in London. We’re praying that it charts well. ” Muldoon is also continuing to work in film. “A movie I did last year called The Chaos Experiment just got released at Blockbuster. It’s with Val Kilmer, Aramand Assante and Eric Roberts.” He is a Creative Executive for the production company Seven Star Pictures. “Seven Star Pictures is great. We’ve all known each other for twelve years. One guy is a producer. One guy is a screenwriter. We’re all friends. We decided to get together. For the past six months we’ve been setting it up. We have two pictures in pre-production with Kristen Stewart. I’ll be acting in one of them and writing the music for one of them.

What he’s doing now: Muldoon is a Creative Executive for Five Star Pictures, an independent production company. He also stars in several of their films, including the upcoming K-11 with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed.

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