Gordon Ramsay Shocks with ‘Lesbian’ Rant

The ‘Hell’-raising reality star is in hot water.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay appeared at the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne, Australia, over the weekend, where he shocked a crowd of thousands with an “obscene, sexist rant” against a high-profile reporter, according to Fox News.

Ramsay’s tirade targeted Australian journalist Tracy Grimshaw, in which he ridiculed her appearance, made references to a pig and called her “a lesbian,” the Sunday Herald Sun reports.

At one point, Ramsay held up a lewd photo of a naked woman with the features of a pig.

“That’s Tracy Grimshaw,” he said. “I had an interview with her yesterday. Holy crap. She needs to see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor.”

After making additional comments about her sexual preferences, Gordon dismissed the remarks as a joke.

Ramsay appeared on “A Current Affair” Friday night, where he was interviewed by Grimshaw.

“We know Gordon Ramsay sets out to shock, but…we’re very surprised,” says Grant Williams, an executive producer from the show. “Frankly, although it’s plainly a joke, it’s out of order. Gordon has proved here that he doesn’t need to be in the kitchen to create a nightmare.”

Ramsay’s camp claims the antics were meant in “fun.”

“He really respects Tracy Grimshaw as a journalist. It was just a joke,” says a spokeswoman for Ramsay.

The hot-tempered chef’s notorious rants make for great TV (‘Hell’s Kitchen‘ and ‘Kitchen Nightmares‘)–but this kind of ‘comedy’ seems like a recipe for disaster.

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