Pamela Anderson: Where Is She Now?

Name: Pamela Anderson

Show/Character: Baywatch/ Casey Jean “C.J.” Parker 1992- 1997

Age: 42

How We Were First Introduced: Was there ever a time when ‘Baywatch‘ was not associated with this “stacked” Canadian native? Well, before ‘Baywatch’ Pamela wowed her homeland as a Labatt’s beer spokesmodel, followed by a stint on ‘Married with Children‘ as the pig-tailed ‘Tool Time’ girl. Next she hit Malibu beach as a lifeguard in that red, French-cut one-piece bathing suit and the rest is TV history. Last year Pamela Anderson finally gave away the secret to The Insider on how she nailed the part for Baywatch — she “didn’t wear a bra to the audition.”

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Claim To Fame: Pamela Anderson holds the informal record for Playboy appearances, from 1989 – 2004. “Some might think that holding the record for the most Playboy covers could be viewed as a dubious honor — it is not exactly the Nobel Prize — but it is actually an achievement of which I am very proud,” she announced on her website in March 2009. In truth, Pam’s staged kidnapping-for-marriage scene by Sacha Baron Cohen in his movie Borat sums up the kind of obsession Pamela Anderson has ignited in red-blooded males since her bare feet first kicked up the sand on Baywatch.

“I like doing things a little off-beat…

I want to go underwater. I want to be shackled.

I want to be on fire.”


Why She Never Really Disappeared: ‘Baywatch’ went off the air just as the actress turned 30, but the show’s estimated 1.1 billion viewers worldwide were not about to forget her. Although Pam has appeared in straight-to-video movies like ‘Barb Wire’ and not-so-acclaimed TV series ‘V.I.P.’, animated toon ‘Stripperella’, ‘Stacked,’ which you can watch here, and Pam Anderson: Girl on the Loose, she is an undeniable pop culture icon who is seen as fearless and funny as she is sexy. Proof? Last year at 41, she stripped down to a racy bikini on the Ellen Degeneres show

Her Comedy Central Roast: Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Courtney Love, and Bea Arthur, among others showed up to roast Pam in 2006. The highlight was when Maude veteran Bea Arthur read parts of Pam’s book Star Struck, a thinly veiled naughty autobiographical novel about her life in Hollywood. “I want to honor Pam for her literary achievements,” Arthur said.

Cool Quote: When illusionist Hans Klok hired Pamela Anderson to be a magician’s assistant in 2007 for his Vegas show, Pam revealed her attraction to unusual gigs in a video interview. “I like doing things a little off-beat and out of the ordinary… I want to go underwater. I want to be shackled. I want to be on fire. I want to do everything.”

Watch Pamela in ‘Stacked.’

Pam’s Jam-Packed Letter to The President: Shortly after the presidential election, Pam wrote an open letter to President Obama that should become a classic in The White House archives. It begins with “Dear Mr. Obama: My thoughts/hopefully ideas,” and covers a laundry list of political hot-button issues including “Please Shut down Guantanamo Bay” and “I think we should Legalize Marijuana” and “Bring our Troops home safely.” Complete with a plea to “Promote vegetarianism — this will end world hunger” and “Please get rid of this private insurance and private health care system — it’s corrupt and doesn’t work.”

Earliest Childhood Memory: “Trying to use a red jelly bean as lipstick,” she told the Guardian newspaper in 2008.

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Personal Life: Do we really have to go there? Pam’s on-again off-again marriage (1995) and divorce (1998) to Motley Crue rock star drummer Tommy Lee went straight to video. Their leaked x-rated home video “Stolen Honeymoon” ushered in the Sex Tape genre that is now a resume topper for many starlets. Then there was “Bob,” that would be second husband Kid “Robert James Ritchie” Rock (8/06 – 2/07), followed by a brief marriage and divorce to Rick Salomon (10/07 -3/08), who was most famous for dating Paris Hilton. Last year she tried another short-lived reconciliation with Lee, with whom she has two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee, 13, and Dylan Jagger Lee, 11.

What They’re Doing Now: You could call her Pam Inc. She has projects in development, merchandise lines, promotes her books, and now leverages her celebrity for causes like Heal the Bay, the California Wildlife Center, and PETA. Pam is such an outspoken activist for PETA, that she even created her own faux-fur clothing line called “FAKE by Pamela Anderson” to underscore her commitment to “saving animals.” Recently she modeled for designer Vivienne Westwood, including a trip down the catwalk.

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