The Amazing Race’s Mark Yturralde: Where Is He Now?

Name: Mark Yturralde

Age: 43

How We Were First Introduced: Mark Yturralde was one-half of the “Geek Team” from the 13th season of the Amazing Race on CBS. Mark raced alongside his real-life best friend Bill Kahler. As the undeniable pre-season “fan favorites” of Season 13, Mark & Bill enjoyed a great deal of fanfare and publicity going into the premiere episode. Race viewers nationwide cringed upon their elimination in Bolivia.

Why the Race? “I love reality TV, and so I tuned in early on. Bill and I are avid gamers, and we both like to travel, so we were probably a lot like everyone else when we thought “Dude, I have GOT to do this!” I only ever applied with Bill, how could I take anyone else? The man can read a map! I can’t do that!”

The Mind Games Began During the Auditions: “It was a lot of fun, i enjoyed it immensely. I remember picking one other team in auditions at random, and messing with them. Staring, making them self conscious. It worked, too.”

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Phil Whipped Him into Shape After His Elimination: “Phil IS the great guy he seems to be. I was pretty upset about getting knocked out due to being so badly out of shape. He asked if I was serious about getting back into shape, and I said I was. He then sat down with me, and sketched out a basic diet plan, and talked to me about working out more, and I said I like biking. He’s a good person, and genuinely interested in seeing others change their lives. He’s the real deal.”

Life Post Race: “It’s always fun getting recognized, and I love the Race, so I don’t mind talking with people about it as much as they want. I’ve gotten to be friends with some incredible people from other shows, and other racers. Even though it wasn’t as long as I would have liked, it was still an incredible experience that I would drop everything and do again in a heartbeat.”

Memorable Fan Run-In: “I was standing next to NEIL ARMSTRONG, yes, THAT NEIL ARMSTRONG, and totally geeking out. I’ve wanted to meet him my entire life. I was, pardon the expression, over the moon. When a lady taps me on the shoulder and asks me “Excuse me, aren’t you Mark from the Amazing Race.” I was flabbergasted. I said “Look, Miss, that’s Neil Armstrong. The first man on the freaking moon. Go talk to him, not me”. She laughed, and asked for a photo with me anyway. I’m still reeling from that. Btw, Neil Armstrong is the coolest man alive.”

This Geek Runs the Comic-Con: “This is my 31st San Diego comic con I’ve been with the con since I was 12. Yes, really. Comic Con is a MAJOR part of my life, and I love it. I have such a sense of accomplishment from it’s success, and the other people who work on the show are some of my dearest friends. It’s also how I met my fab wife, so I owe the con for that! I’m currently the convention Treasurer and on the Board of Directors.” Side Note: The San Diego Comic-Con is the largest, most significant comic/sci-fi convention in the entire world. Over 125,000 people from over 30 different countries will be attending this year’s edition:

What Does Mark “Geek Out” for at Comic-Con: “I love seeing the people. I love seeing the kids get excited seeing stormtroopers (shout out to the 501st), and all the great stuff the dealers bring. I’m a collector, mostly of art, and seeing all the artist is my favorite part, well, and buying art. This year is a
little sad, due to one of my favorite artists Dave Stevens passing. Saying hi to him was one of my little comic-con rituals.”

Which Super Hot Comic Babe Makes Mark’s Heart Flutter? “Tie. Zatanna and Black Canary. Hey, I like the fishnets.”

Any Chance for All-Stars? “I would do the Race again in a heartbeat. I would drop anything, be
anywhere, you couldn’t stop me. Getting a second chance, especially now that I’m in better shape would be a literal dream come true.”

The Race was a Wake-Up Call: “The race was my “better get in shape now” wake up call. I’ve been
eating better, eliminated everything deep fried, and biking every day. I’ve lost about 80 lbs, and finished several 100 mile century bike rides. I’ve retrained my brain to enjoy the exercise, instead of dread
it. Now, if I don’t get to ride a couple days, I get antsy.”

Where is He Now? “I’m unemployed! I got laid off from my company, and that was a bit of
a shock. But the silver lining is that I get to go back to school, which I am really enjoying. Just finishing up my first summer semester now (with straight A’s btw… brag, brag) and loving learning again.
Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.”

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