Who Gives A Twit? Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Denise Richards…

Add author to the resume of ex-Hills resident, Lauren Conrad. Her novel hits bookstores June 16th and an advance review came courtesy of Billy Bush Sunday night, “Just finished Lauren Conrad’s book L.A. CANDY. Names are changed to protect the deviant.” Any chance those names rhyme with Spencer and Heidi?

Creator of ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ and its spinoff ‘Private Practice‘, Shonda Rhimes, had good news Sunday night for fans of her shows. “GA and PP writers go back to work in the morning on the new season.” Wow, creating BOTH of those shows is pretty sweet. Must be cool having a retirement fund for at least ten lifetimes.

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a message for everyone aspiring to break into show business and work in daytime talk, “I made one of my employees cry like a baby on today’s show. Honestly, it felt good.” Really? Not sure how Human Resources is going to feel about that. And making an employee cry shouldn’t make you feel good, that’s what Portia De Rossi is for.

Besides twittin “working on the official Gene Simmons Facebook” page, KISS’ gifted tongue man is promoting the new season of A&E’s ‘Family Jewels.’ He added, “enjoyed the gracious folks at the ‘Today Show.’ Now back to wheelin’ & dealin’.” Cool, maybe you can wheel some deals to the dude below.

Still trying to bring Heavy Metal back, almost Axel, Sebastian Bach was tweeting from the Big Apple. “hello from Madison Square Park Manhattan NYC ! About to judge americas hottest rocker mom contest w zrock! Cmon down.” While Ashton Kutcher uses his tweets to bring bed nets to malaria victims, Sebastian Bach uses it to cruise for Cougars. Seb, follow Gene’s ethics. Work on your career and the chicks will return. Your bro, Bob.

Now let’s check in with the Twitter roundtable for some weekend tw’updates.

Ryan Seacrest @4:52PM 6/5/09: in dressing room at conan show..the toilet water is blue” Denise Richards @ 8:44PM 6/7/09: Just watched our show , it was on at 8 here..! I have satellite, I can see the show at 8 and 10pm or if u have regular cable it’s a different time…” Joan Rivers @ 6:44PM 6/6/09: QVC takes great care of me.” Star Jones @11:35AM 6/7/09: I just finished watching Federer win the French Open, his talent is unbelievable. I’m such a fan.” Kevin Nealon @1:51PM 6/6/09: I never quit. I just stop showing up. That way, no one is gonna call you a loser.” Sam Champion @8:04AM 6/5/09: Just learning its donut day..” Jamie Lee Curtis @8:11PM 6/7/09: anyone watching the Tonys?” Paula Abdul @12:49PM 6/6/09: I absolutely loved Wicked! I got to go backstage and meet the very talented cast. My hat is off to them all!” Oprah @12:18AM 6/6 /09: Just saw RUINED..OMG..EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON STAGE WAS OUTSTANDING…. Boo-hooing next to Jane Fonda had to borrow tissue.” Brody Jenner @1:35PM 6/7/09: Oh well enough thinking about it… Off to the playboy mansion for fun in the sun and then surfing with my brother in malibu.”

What a life he leads, I wish my dad had won some Olympic gold.

What do I give a twit about? Easy – since I’m addicted to Twitter, I’m watching the show ‘Intervention.’

Tweet out!

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