Who Gives A Twit? Ashton Kutcher, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Elizabeth Taylor…

You have to respect Ashton Kutcher for his honesty. Yesterday his fans were twittin to him asking how he feels about autographs. “Truth… autographs R annoying. I try 2 do it as much possible & I get it, trust me Walter Payton’s lives on my wall but…” Question, was Walter annoyed when he signed your cap?

In lieu of signing Ash likes to offer something he fells is way more valuable, “I’d rather shake somebody’s hand or share a thought.” Like the link he posted yesterday about a “very cool article on the brain. Where does it wonder off to sometimes?” Huh…. I’m sorry, what were you saying?

Good Morning America’s weather captain, Sam Champion was in Dublin, Ohio yesterday about to exercise when his plans suddenly changed. “Just chkd into hotel…was gonna go for a run.. But heres the rain.” Next time check with Al Roker. He had rain on his doppelganger.

And the oddest friendships can arise from the power of the twit. When I read this tweet from comedian/activist Margaret Cho to legend/activist Jane Fonda, I chuckled at Mags’ request, “jane fonda please do my show here in atlanta drop dead diva please!!!!” Then Ms. Cho surprised the twit out of me and got this tweet back from Dame Fonda herself, “margaret cho says she’s following me on twitter. Yea!!” Congrats on two levels Maggie. You’ve got Jane Fonda following you and Kathy Griffin eating her heart out.

Senator John McCain caught up yesterday with the female version Batman’s boy wonder, Sarah Palin. “Great to see Sarah and Todd at the dinner tonight – nice reunion!” FYI, she would have never gotten a book deal and all those free clothes if not for you. I hope she at least picked up the check.

Television’s most eligible chef, Rocco DiSpirito pondered his dinner last night. “Let’s see steak or lobster?? Hmm how bout both??? Ok done!” You’re twittin like you’ve just discovered this combo. I’m no chef, but isn’t this called surf and turf?

Let’s catch up with everyone now in the world of twittywood.

Kirstie Alley @7:48AM 6/9/09: THIS IS TUESDAY a very “in between” sort of day. I sure hope this day brings us all more than just a conduit to Wednesday…” Chelsea Handler @2:51PM 6/8/09: 3 seasons of sluts and Bret Michaels still hasn’t found love, now a big piece of scenery falls right on his face. Ouch.” Christina Applegate @8:47AM 6/9/09: My favorite is the person afraid of frogs. That’s awesome. I’m not making fun at all. I just love it” Jack Osbourne @2:07AM 6/8/09: Did you know that the US has the 53rd freest press in the world. Tied with Botswana and Croatia. 1st amendment my arse.” Kris Kardashian Jenner @8:29PM 6/8/09: Whoot whoot” Bob Vila @7:53AM 6/9/09: Parents today have more choice in backyard play sets than ever before.” Elisabeth Hasselbeck @12:13AM 6/9/09: epidurals have not worked on me yet… hoping third time is a charm…but wondering if i bother at all with the meds. will talk to doc.” M.C. Hammer @9:42AM 6/9/09: I never worry … I drink my milk from a dirty glass !!!” Marlee Matlin @8:30AM 6/9/09: Congratulations to Melissa Gilbert 5 years sober, speaking out about her sobriety so that others can be inspired. A great woman and mom.” Elizabeth Taylor @9:48PM 6/8/09: I went to see Andrea Bocelli last night. The first time I’ve been out in months. The Hollywood Bowl allowed me to use my wheelchair.”

Babe, you can use anything you want. You are royalty. Never forget it.

Tweet out!

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