Brooke Burke Blogs on Depression

She effortlessly dazzled on the dance floor, juggles four children and finds time to promote her own product line, but even Brooke Burke gets the blues.

“I’m feeling the blues in Malibu today,” the ‘Dancing’ queen revealed on

The ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Season 7 winner took to her blog to write a candid, honest and thoughtful post on the “gloom” she’s been feeling recently.

“I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut, maybe it’s just that ‘time’ or maybe I’m just a little bored and worn out. I feel like I’m always giving and there isn’t much left over at the end of the day to enjoy for me,” Burke admits.

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The stunning Hollywood mom said she hasn’t been ‘inspired’ to write lately but felt it was important to express her feelings, because she knows so many other moms can relate.

“There’s something special about sharing and plain venting with women. There is an indefinable language that we speak. A common understanding, that is comforting….” Brooke says, adding, “Why can’t we seem to emulate that with our men?”

Hopefully her man David Charvet (‘Baywatch‘) can cheer her up.

Today is my four-year anniversary,” Brooke writes. “David and I will probably get in the car and head north to find a cute town to walk through, maybe a matinee and a quiet romantic dinner.”

“My soul is calling for a short, much-needed getaway.”

I think all souls are clamoring to get away. Good luck, Brook!

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