‘House’ Producer Explains Kutner Case

For those ‘House’ fans looking to soon discover the mystery of why Kal Penn’s Dr. Kutner offed himself last season, you could be in for a long wait.

Speaking to a group of advertisers and press in Los Angeles yesterday, ‘House’ creator and showrunner David Shore talked about the writers’ room challenges brought on by the sudden departure several months ago by actor Penn to work in the Obama White House.

The decision have Kutner commit suicide “wasn’t calculated to bring us a lot of media attention, even though, shockingly, it did,” he says.

Rather, looking for a way to “lose” Penn from the show, Shore and his team decided to do they do best – mess with Hugh Laurie’s title character. “House always solves the mystery, and we thought we’d confront him with a mystery that can’t be solved,” Shore explains.

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