New On DVD: The Shield, Reaper, The Cleaner, Mistresses

The Shield
It all comes to a head in the stirring final season of the critically acclaimed drama ‘The Shield.’ Get all 13 episodes and find out what happens to Mackey and the Strike Force. Michael Chiklis and Walter Goggins especially deliver and if there’s any justice they and the show will be up for Emmy Awards in its final season. Buy the Season 7 DVD right here.

In Season Two, Sam continues his job as a ‘Reaper,’ a sort of heroic bounty hunter tasked with retrieving mischievous souls that have escaped from eternal damnation, capturing them in vessels forged in the depths of Hell to resemble ordinary objects such as vacuum cleaners and Zippo lighters. Happily assisting their overwhelmed pal in his deathly duties are Sam’s braver-than-he-looks slacker buddy, Sock, and the beautiful and ever-loyal Andi. Check out all 13 episodes and buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

The Cleaner
Former addict William Banks (Benjamin Bratt) helps others overcome the scourge of drugs in ‘The Cleaner.’ There’s nothing Banks won’t do to help his fellow addicts get clean–even if it means breaking the law. Along with his crack team, he tries to put a long line of drug abusers on the path toward healthy, fulfilling lives. But amid it all, Banks must still face his own troubled past and the lingering costs of his former life. This collection presents the complete first season of the series, featuring guest appearances by Isaiah Washington, Eric Roberts, Kelly Lynch, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Four college girlfriends graduate to labyrinthine love lives in this red-hot BBC series. Unfaithfulness is the name of the game in ‘Mistresses‘ as each of the women bristle against the bounds of fidelity. Katie is a doctor heating up the sheets with a terminally ill patient. Trudi is a bereft widow trying to move on. In the meantime, Siobhan discovers renewed sexual vigor with a hot co-worker, while Jessica spreads herself thin with men (married and unmarried) that won’t stop coming. And that’s not the half of it! This volume presents all 12 episodes of the steamy series’ first and second seasons. Buy the DVD right here.

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