Who Gives A Twit? Heidi Montag, MC Hammer, Alec Baldwin…

Is she in Costa Rica or L.A.? Finally back on the twit, Heidi Montag sent a message yesterday to her church mate, Miley Cyrus. “i miss you!! im coming to your concert for sure! and to your movie set!! i love u! so does Jesus! Xoxo” In case you didn’t know, Heidi is the official Hollywood conduit for all of his praise to other celebs.

Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is too excited about his daughter’s success. “Just had a great idea! Let’s all go to Pattys after the show in Hollywood and put it on Miley’s tab!!!!!!” And that ladies and gentleman is how it all begins. God bless the Coogan Law.

While Ex-teammate Kobe Bryant is in the NBA finals this Summer, Shaquille O’Neal is looking for other work, “I wanna go on wipeout.” Master the game of Marco Polo first, then maybe you can get on Wipeout. But only if you promise to do a belly flop big fella.

Late night host Carson Daly is getting payback for being punished as a child. “What kind of pain threshold test can I give my mom to see if she can withstand tattoo pain? Any ideas?” Only one, make her sit through a 24 hour marathon of “Last Call with Carson Daly.” Just kidding, Carson. Anyone who can putt like you is A OK in my twit-book.

And with his new A&E show, ‘Hammertime’ premiering this Sunday (catch a preview on right here on Fancast) MC Hammer is excited about the new movie from Sacha Baron Cohen, “Yea Borat!!!! Bruno named his African American son a traditional African name (drum roll) I’m in tears…..”OJ”…. just saw da commercial..” Just want to float this idea out there, Hammer and Bruno need to do a video ASAP wearing Hammerpants.

Let’s catch up with some mid-week tweets from the twit patrol.

Billy Bush @12:35PM 6/10/09: Alec Baldwin reacting tonight to his brothers being on ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’ “It could be worse, they could be on the board of AIG” Chris Cuomo @10:03AM 6/10/09: sheriff says he would tazer his momma ?! what do you think of the 72 yo who resists arrest and gets zapped?” Deepak Chopra @10:12AM 6/9/09: Getting well does not need struggle. There is no enemy within. Recovery lies only at the level of Being.” Tila Tequila @ 8:08PM 6/9/09: MY REALITY SHOW WILL NOT SUCK ASS BECAUSE IT’S NOT “FAKE” AND IT IS ALL ABOUT MY FANS! WE DOING THIS TOGETHER! LIVE BABY! NEVER BEEN DONE!” Lauren Conrad @10:45PM 6/9/09: “Just finished the first draft of my second book… So happy.” Joy Behar @6:47AM 6/9/09: I’m going to be hypnotized for past life regression later. I hope I find out that I was a Shi Tsu Caca Poo Poo in another life.” Gayle King @5:51PM 6/9/09: Laugh out loud laughs movie The hangover hilaaaarious!” Marie Osmond @11:46AM 6/9/09: Shouldn’t the sun rise later than 6 a.m. (!) in Las Vegas on a Saturday morning? I mean…come on!!! Guess I’ll paint the windows black.” Claudia Jordan @9:25AM 6/10/09: OH wow-watching the History Channels piece on Abe Lincoln-they R insinuating Lincoln was gay.” Perez Hilton @9:38AM 6/10/09: Boy George is on Twitter now. Say hello”

How about you say hello for me, Perez…

Tweet out!

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