Steve-O: Former Wildboy, Now Cool And Sober

Instead of clean and sober, how about cool and sober?

Former Jackass star Steve-O has an upcoming new TV special that poses this very question. Can you be cool and sober at the same time? The ‘Wildboyz’ headliner thinks so. Steve-O (a/k/a Stephen Glover) stepped off the red carpet of the 11th Annual Young Hollywood awards to share his un-chemically enhanced thoughts with us.

So, where’s the best place to get a 72-hour hold around here? What hospital would you recommend?
I was very fortunate to enjoy a 72-hour hold at Cedars-Sinai.

Was that your first one?

So you have nothing to compare it to?
I’ve been in another psych ward hospital in Pasadena. Cedars-Sinai is the real deal.

So aren’t most show organizers ever afraid you’ll freak out when you’re on camera — do something weird — since you’re the dangerous type?
They trust me to do (guest appearances) because I think being able to hold myself back a little bit is more shocking to people than anything else I might do.

Your producer was mentioning a one-hour special (‘Demise & Rise’), what are you doing now?
I’m working on a new project, a follow-up to that one hour special. It’s kind of about carrying on in sobriety and proving that I haven’t lost my mojo. We don’t have a title. We’re going to go into production pretty soon.

Check out Steve-O on DWTS

Did you have to like find your faith again after feeling that ‘the bottom has dropped out of my life’?
Uh. Find my faith again? I don’t know where my faith was at before that happened.

Maybe ‘faith’ is the wrong word, ‘core,’ whatever you call it?
Well they say ‘you’ve only got to change one thing.’ And that’s everything…I gotta get away from this cigarette (passerby smoking) —

Is this part of being sober; that you can’t smoke?
No, no, no. Lots of sober people can smoke. It’s just not part of my sobriety.

You don’t smoke cigarettes even? For how long?
It’s been about 10 months.

What’s Steve-O watching on TV?
Tool Academy is great. It is f-cking awesome. Rock of Love Bus, R-O-L-B — Brett Michaels with a bunch of sluts. Charm School. I love Charm School. Nitro Circus. Wait, the Wildboyz. Oh, forget the Incredible Hulk (he watched that as a kid) — I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

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