Who Gives A Twit? Kathy Ireland, Ryan Seacrest, Melissa Gilbert…

Did Kathy Ireland twit a secret coded message this morning to NBC regarding Janice Dickinson and the self proclaimed super model status she professes? She sent this pic and tweet to us, “Standing beside true Supermodels and real Celebrities..Vendela and Naomi Campbell.” Drop these three ladies in the Jungle, please. I’d love to see them hog tie Janice.

Twittin from across the pond after a red eye for business, Ryan Seacrest was having dinner with Britain’s most famous culinary maestro, Jamie Oliver aka The Naked Chef. They dined at Jamie’s restaurant, Fifteen, where he takes kids off the streets and put them to work in the kitchen. If Jamie needs help relating to the youths, ask Ryan for tips. He can target tweets to any key demographic. “I’ve been playing this new Lil Wayne song about Kobe Bryant all morning…so dope..check it” I did check it skeezer, it’s totally fly and ‘fo ‘sho will shizzle my nizzle. Peace!

And with the return of NBC’s America’s Got Talent only a few weeks away, Mr. Seacrest might be tipping us off. “Hmmm Britian’s got talent did a big rating in the uk..I would bet on some of the performers like susan boyle appearing on american version.” Nice inside info, buddy. With a sequel to Wall Street being planned, cast Seacrest as the dude who gets popped for insider training. If Greg Kinnear can get an Oscar nom, so can Ryan.

Lisa Rinna and husband, Harry Hamlin, are asking the twitterverse for specific help with their upcoming television show, “For our reality show we want it to be called “I Love Lisa” TV Land does not-Need your help in coming up with a name for the show IDEAS please” I have a GREAT IDEA. Hire some writers, they usually have ideas. P.S. I have some ideas. Tweet me.

Lots more going on the land of the twit, as Ryan Seacrest would say, check it…

Melissa Gilbert @5:18AM 6/11/09: Overwhelmed by book sales!! Really!! Someone from Sony pictures called to enquire about film rights. CARAZAY!!!” Brooke Burke @8:55AM 6/11/09: First day of summer I’m so happy. just finished breakfast with the kids.” Rainn Wilson @8:06AM 6/11/09: Am I leading my son in the wrong direction? He’s having his pre-school graduation tomorrow and then the family heads to Vegas baby Vegas! What happens in pre-school stays in pre-school.” Star Jones @6:57AM 6/11/09: I think I freaked the waitress out…no makeup…long dress and flipflops…I think she expected “airbrush Star.”LOL its too early for that!” Al Roker @10:14AM 6/11/09: At DMV replacing a lost drivers license.” Soliel Moon Frye @9:20AM 6/11/09: Question of the day. If you were stranded in a movie, what movie would you pick to be stranded in?” Miley Cyrus @8:54AM 6/11/09: way to hyper for my own sanity.” Martha Stewart @10:02AM 6/11/09: mozart the cat just died- he was nineteen and did indeed have a beautiful life. we just buried him next to pawpaw-he was a lynx Himalayan” Perez Hilton @ 7:22AM 6/11/09: Massive layoffs are coming at MySpace! Is Twitter hiring?” MC Hammer @12:16PM 6/11/09: I looked into her eyes and saw darkness, pain and emptiness, a therapist in need of therapy hiding in the lights to avoid a painful reality.”

Move over Jackie Collins, Hammer’s arrived!

What do I give a Twit about? “Weeds” – cuz my back is hurting and it’s the season premiere. Watch it here.

Tweet Out!

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