‘Run’s House’ Returns, Lionel Richie To Daytime TV, ‘Real World’ Cancun Kicks Off, And More

Father Run:Runs’ House‘ is back for a very special father’s day return. The series premieres June 15 beginning at 7pm EP/PT, and will be kicked off by a marathon. Father’s Day will bring another Run marathon June 21 beginning at 5pm ET/PT. The series begins when the family jets to Hawaii – but things quickly turn sour when Jojo is arrested for the possession of illegal substances. Watch full episodes of last season on Fancast.

All Day Long: The man responsible for Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie, is set to perform on ABC’s ‘One Life To Live.’ Richie will be joined by pop star Jeremih – of the No. 1 single ‘Birthday Sex’ on an appearance that will be taped on June 12. “We welcome the enduring talents of such an accomplished musician as Lionel Richie and the creativity of a new artist like Jeremih,” said the soap’s executive producer Frank Valentini. “We look forward to bringing our fans a first time collaboration between these two very talented musicians.”

Denzel Talks Obama: On last night’s ‘Late Show With David Letterman,’ Denzel Washington talked about his adventures at President Obama’s inauguration. The actor told Letterman that he was introduced to the President – but that he had to snag better seats. So, I’m in the orange section, but the orange section is like way – like, Obama is like right here and the orange section is like back behind there, like 50 rows back,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, no, I’m from New York, I’m from New York.’ And it’s seven in the morning. And nobody’s out there. So I start climbing over chairs, over fences, going around. I told my family, ‘Stay right here, I’m going to do a little reconnaissance…We’re moving up.’

Real World – Cancun or Washington DC? :The new season of ‘The Real World,’ set in Cancun, premieres June 24 at 10PM ET/PT on MTV. The cast is housed at one of Mexico’s biggest hotels’ and will work at StudentCity.com – a travel agency that predictiby specializes in spring break packages. But the real fun will begin when the next installment of the ‘Real World’ begins taping in Washington DC – set to air in 2010.

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