Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Cylons and Actives Scatter to the Winds In New Shows

My friend Will thinks today – as we drop off the precipice of the DTV transition – is the day that Skynet becomes self-aware. We’ll see. Would it be an entirely bad thing to have computers in charge of stuff like network programming? Maybe they could do better.

Ah, but while it’s terribly easy to act as backseat driver and mock the navigational prowess of network execs as they careen certain vehicles into brick walls or off of sheer cliff drops, there are still plenty of good things coming down the pike. For some shows, anyway.

Read on.

Yeah, But….Without Alpha and Whiskey, It’s No Barbie Dreamhouse, Is It?

EW’s PopWatch talked to Joss Whedon about how things are currently going in the writer’s room for Echo and the rest of Dollhouse‘s Barbie brigade. “It’s never flowed better,” says Whedon. However, since Alan Tudyk will be busy in a more reptilian capacity come fall, and Amy Acker has opted to relocate to the deceptively-titled Happy Town, some (all) of Sci Fi Tracker’s favorite characters from season one will only be making limited appearances (if that) the second time around. Damn it.

As for borrowing Summer Glau as a guest star, it seems nothing has been cast in stone yet there, either. Damn it again.

Airlock, or Portal to a Rabbit Hole? You Decide.

That Gaeta is quite a card, isn’t he?

No, really. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Battlestar’s Alessandro Juliani has been cast as the nine of clubs in Sci Fi/Sy Fy’s Lewis Carroll-inspired miniseries Alice. But it gets better. Kathy Bates as the Queen of Hearts! Tim Curry as Dodo! (From Transsexual, Transylvania to transcending species….is anyone better-suited to take that leap?)

And then there’s Primeval‘s resident geek Andrew Lee Potts as…….. the Hatter? What’s he going to do? Put Alice to sleep with all that talk of gadgetry? (Er……OK. We’ll give him a chance, too.)

And For Those Galactica Crew Members That Didn’t Fall Down A Rabbit Hole, There’s Long-Term Storage………

As revealed by series leads Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock, and executive producers David Simkins and Jack Kenny, Sci Fi’s new upcoming summer series, Warehouse 13, has amassed a nice collection of guest cylons. Both Michael Hogan and Tricia Helfer will be dropping in.

Exec Producer Jack Kenny describes the show as “an action-adventure procedure-amedy.” And what attracted Eddie to the role of Agent Lattimer in such a something-for-everyone project? “It was definitely the money,” deadpans McClintock.

More on that Q&A session as Warehouse’s July 7th premiere draws closer.

Only In Hollywood – Where Coveted Studio Lot Parking Spots Are A Hotter Commodity Than Genius Producer-Showrunner Types…..

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles mastermind Josh Friedman conducts a savvy post-mortem at Sci Fi Wire, and – at his own blog – a brutally honest riff on precisely how grim it was to be circled by vultures during those final days in which TSCC’s fate was uncertain.

No, we’re not letting up with such subject matter. Yet. It was a damn fine show.

It’s Like D-Day! If You’ve Been Living Under A Rock Without The Benefit of Modern Technology!

Today marks the end of an era….specifically the one in which your favorite sci fi shows were delivered to you via analog TV. In the back of a horse-drawn carriage. Uphill. In several feet of snow. Oh, the good ol’ days!

Because it’s just so damn funny, check out the Live Feed’s “mayhem blog” about the day the earth (or at least certain retirement communities) stood still – complete with coverage of DTV-transition-related conspiracy theories. In case some of you were wondering: DTV is a goverment project meant to pacify the masses! But….didn’t analog TV already have that pretty well under control? Isn’t TV just another means of self-soothing for those of us too big to suck our thumbs anymore?

Well…..yes. That’s why we love it.

And that wraps this week. See ya next time.

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