‘The Next Food Network Star’ Exit Interivew: Brett Came Off “A Little Raw”

Sous-chef Brett August was the next contestant booted from The Next Food Network Star last night, a decision that may have had something to do with his lackluster answer when he was asked about his desire to be on the show in the first place. Yet, while we might miss his penchant for bestowing nicknames, the music loving New Yorker says, winner or not, he’s determined to make it onto the Food Network.

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Did you watch last night?

Sure did. It was great. I loved seeing [the show] on TV–better than the first show. I knew what was going to happen, so I kept it tight, just had my mom and dad there [watching with me].

What do you think went wrong?

As far as the Esquire [challenge] I was really excited to do my presentation—I was really amped up—I think I just went wrong not utilizing the pickle as well as I thought I could. As far as Good Housekeeping, I thought my food was pretty good, I left the shell on Bobby’s dish…and then it just escalated from there.

What would you have done differently?

I think I would have presented myself a little better on camera. I come off a little raw. So a little work on camera could be better for me. As far as cooking-wise, there are always things you can do differently, but that’s the world of a chef—you always criticize yourself.

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How was the overall experience for you?

The experience was great. To be picked and to walk into Chelsea Market and meet everybody, to learn about reality TV at its fullest is amazing. You take away so much. You criticize yourself and say, ‘I could have done this, I could have done that,’ and after time goes on you just say, hey that was a tremendous stepping-stone in life. This is just one door that’s opened up.

Did you have a favorite challenge on the show?

I was caught up in the moment the whole time. The whole thing was so surreal. As far as a great moment, they all were so good. It was an emotional roller coaster I’ll never forget.

What are you doing now?

Well, I’m going to pray for the rain to stop so I can go and play basketball in the park. Then I’ll go listen to some house music—keep my normal daily routine going. And then I’ll jump back in the kitchen and continue to be the executive sous-chef and I’m going to shoot myself and make some dishes and keep going continue to try and be on TV and try to fulfill my goal. The sky’s the limit.

What would be best-case scenario in terms of doing a food show?

I’m thinking about venturing off into the world and showing people little hidden valleys in the city. I have so many ideas. I’m just waiting for someone to come up and say, ‘You know, Brett, you’re wild, you’re crazy, you’re outgoing—let’s start rockin.’

Who are you rooting for to be TNFNS?

Everybody’s so nice. There was all that built-up drama with Melissa [but] we’re still close friends. I’m not gonna put one [person] on a pedestal and say that person’s going to win. I wish the best for all of them, to be honest with you. Who ever comes out on top will be great and deserve it. And I can’t tell you who [I think is] going to win—it’s an up and down show, we’re going to have to see.

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