Who Gives A Twit? Speidi, Ellen And More

This morning, Al Roker twit-pic’d us a smiling shot of the real life reality couple we have all come to love and hate, Speidi. Visibly shaken and off guard, Spencer and Heidi Pratt are obviously more accustomed to being interviewed by someone like Tyra Banks. (read the story on Fancast here)

Speidi’s double talk answers avoiding the questions had Al tweeting the couple’s future in Tinsel Town. “Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for…being infamous. Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we’re at minute 11 of their 15.” Is your watch slow, Al? Mine has them at minute 13.

Maybe Speidi would have fared better being interviewed by a rejuvenated Larry King. Thanks to twitter, Larry is practically drinking from the fountain of youth. “For our Jonas Brothers interview on Thurs my crew has been following them in Europe.” Could have saved CNN a lot of $’s by following them for free on Twitter instead. First Twitter, then the Jonas Bros., are tats and a piercing next for LK?

Ellen DeGeneres twitted about a guest during today’s taping, “David Blaine is blowing my mind right now!” Not even going to touch that tweet.

And I’d like to echo this bright and early tweet from Kirstie Alley, “PLEASE wish my daughter Lillie an enourmous HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LILLIE IS 15 TODAY!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLIE GIRL!! Mommy dearest loves you more than butter, sugar, and chocolate combined.” She is so funny, gotta laugh that Kirstie loves her daughter more than the ingredients for brownies.

Let’s catch up on some Monday tweets from the desk of twit-central.

Al Roker @2:28PM 6/15/09:And the firestorm over Speidi continues. She claims I attacked her.” Billy Bush @11:45AM 6/15/09: Just intvw’d Al Roker for radio tonight. He’s blown away by the legs of his Spencer and Heidi session.” Giuliana Rancic @7:46AM 6/15/09: Just watched Heidi and Spencer on Today Show. Al Roker totally reamed them for being jerks and showed them no mercy! It was hilllarious!!” Ryan Seacrest @7:45AM 5/19/09: talked to heidi & spencer…they feel like they were attacked by Al Roker this morning..not happy at all! Do u care?” Miley Cyrus @12:15PM 6/15/09: omg i got nominated for 10 teen choice awards!!! ahhh thank u so much i love u guys” Ashton Kutcher @10:55AM 6/15/09: Considering how well fighting 4 freedom in Iraq went, I dont know that we shloud B jumping in2 this Iran deal.” Kim Kardashian @9:53AM 6/15/09: Have u guys seen my dream car? A HOT PINK RANGE ROVER!!!” Paula Abdul @11:42AM /15/09: How AWESOME that the LAKERS WON The championship!!! GO LAKERS!” Chelsea Handler @11:43AM 6/15/09: Thanks to all of the gays that tried to hand vodka to me during the Parade…but don’t worry, I always carry a stash in case of emergency.” Nancy O’Dell 12:02PM 6/15/09: Interviewing adam lambert in a few hrs…any questions?”

Nah, I think he answered everyone’s big question already…

What do I give a Twit about?

Tweet out!

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