Who Gives A Twit? Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Ricki Lake, Al Roker…

Landing in Los Angeles one minute and twittin the next, Heidi Montag gave California the news it’s been waiting for, “thank you Jesus for getting us home!!!!!!! i LOVE LA!!” And the jury is still out on whether L.A. loves you back…

Mr. Heidi (sorry, pal. Please don’t want Spence out on me), Hollywood’s favorite altar/bad boy Spencer Pratt twitted to Perez Hilton regarding yesterday’s Al Roker interview, “the weather man was not having a sunny day!” Yo dude, “The Weatherman” was kind to not put you and the Mrs. over his knee and spank you both properly on nationwide television.

Spencer also sent another message to Perez, “you need to do im a celebrity just for like 3 nights and have NBC let you blog it so you can get a taste of how real it is!!!” Obviously three nights in the jungle is all Spencer thinks anyone can handle.

While Lou Diamond Phillips is toughing it out in Costa Rica, Mrs. Lou Diamond has been twittin’ updates about her man. “Just letting Lou’s new followers know that his wife (me) is updating his Twitter while he’s in Jungle. He’ll take over when he returns.” Hopefully he returns wearing the I’m A Celebrity championship belt. Lou’s my pick to win.

Mrs. Lou did twit something I’ve been curious about as well, “I wonder what happens in the jungle on weekends.” That depends. If you’re the cast it’s probably just sitting around the jungle being bored. If you were Speidi it was sitting poolside at the Ritz Carton in Costa Rica till shooting resumed on Mondays. But no worries about Lou, Mrs. Diamond. Torrie Wilson is married, Holly Montag’s too young, Janice Dickinson is too old, and Patti Blagojevich might be heading to jail.

And ex-afternoon talk queen, Ricki Lake not only sent out a twit pic (I find her very hot) but expressed her feelings about tweeting and twirling, “I have a love/hate thing with twitter, but I’m loving So you think you can Dance.” FOX network, wake up! What are you waiting for, do I have to forward you Ricki’s tweet and contact info? Oh that’s right, you’re still holding out for Katie Holmes…

Lots on everyone’s tweet minds today, let’s let them twit away…

Al Roker @4:05PM 6/15/09: Amazed at the fact that Ann Curry had a terrific interview w/ Benjamin Netanyahu but what gets picked up is my goofy interview w/ Speidi. And by putting them on, we are playing into their evil plot for world domination. For that, I apologize. Mwuh ha ha ha ha.” Heidi Montag @1:53AM 6/14/09: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Brody Jenner @12:02PM 616/09: Surfed for 8 hours yesterday.. So sore I can barely walk…” Melissa Gilbert @11:47AM 5/16/09: The book signing went so well. It was great fun and the turn out was fantastic!!” Sara Gilbert @11:47PM 6/14/09: This is what I have always needed. To feel like I have 20,000 friends while not having to actually make plans… Or speak.” Jack Osbourne @11:33AM 6/16/09: i was watching the coolest documentary last night. it was about a grizzly polar bear. so now there are mixed race bears? who’da thought?” Joy Behar @6:37PM 6/15/09: Had meeting 4 my new show on HLN in the fall. Ate pad thai. Yum. Watching Obama on Iran. The man sets a perfect tone.” Barbara Walters @12:34PM 6/16/09: If u see ads for products with Resveratrol showing my photo and name they are false. Also isn’t it great twitter helped uprising in Iran” Christina Applegate @5:25AM 6/16/09: all ballots are destroyed! what are they actually going to recount?! Lesson learned DON’T retweet with username from iran. They are being tracked.”

Sounds like you need to get stateside ASAP before you go from Samantha Who? to Christina Who?

What do I give a Twit about? I give a twit about ‘Whale Wars.’ Not only is it a great show, I’m as fat as a whale today.

Tweet out!

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