‘Gossip Girl’ Sex Tape Exposed

Leighton Meester is a real life ‘Gossip Girl.’

The 23-year-old actress is facing the release of a sex tape. What would Blair Waldorf say!?

There aren’t too many details other than it is being shopped around, was shot a few years ago with a boyfriend…and reveals that Leighton has ‘very talented feet,’ according to TMZ, who first posted the story.

This sounds like something that Chuck Bass-tard would be behind….

There’s also sex tape news of a more horrifying variety out today.

In other sex, (lies?) and videotape talk, there’s allegedly a sex tape of a ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ star.

Danielle Staub has been a controversy magnet, ever since talk of a secret past rife with an arrest, drugs, strippering, kidnapping…you know, the usual housewifey things.

The shady ‘Housewife’s’ ex Steve Zalewski, 27, who was dumped on the show by Staub, 46, claims he’s got video of them in ‘various sex acts.’

“Not only does she want to have sex all the time, but she loves the thrill of doing it in public places, where she might get caught,” Zalewski says to The New York Post.

Well, then I’m sure she’ll be thrilled he’s shopping the sex tape to the highest bidder.

P.S. If you didn’t get enough of the outrageous insanity from those ‘Jersey’ girls this season, Bravo has just added three additional episodes for your guilty viewing pleasure.

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