Pixar Grants a Little Girl’s Dying Wish

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Pixar has given us so much joy and so many poignant tears over the years with their amazing films, and they’ve proven that they’re one of the only movie companies out there that really has a heart and soul.

The proof of this, if you needed any more, came nine days ago.

A 10-year-old girl in Huntington Beach, California, named Colby Curtin had been stricken with vascular cancer, which took a turn for the worse. Knowing she didn’t have much time left, Colby did not want to die without seeing Up, but she was far too sick to go to a theater.

After some urgent phone calls, Pixar did something a lot of companies wouldn’t do–they rushed someone down with a DVD of the film that Colby could watch in her home with her family, along with plush dolls of the movie characters that she could hold onto. She couldn’t open her eyes much due to the pain she was in, but her mother told her the story as it unfolded, and she enjoyed her last movie. About seven hours later, little Colby was gone.

Pixar didn’t turn this heartfelt gesture into a self-aggrandizing PR moment; they wouldn’t even comment on the article when it was written about. That’s how great these people are.

Now, excuse me. I’ve…got something in my eye.

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