Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Virtuality Gets Some Face(book) Time; September’s Schedule Sizzles; and More….

Summer sucks. Sometimes, in a good way. True Blood is taking a bite out of the summer doldrums with epic viewership. And shows like Torchwood and Eureka might just make you forget (at least in one hour increments) about that gaping three-month chasm that now separates you from some of your old (and new) fall favorites.

Then there are those who insist summer shows are like a rebound relationship……simply a good way to take your mind off the one you’d rather be gazing adoringly at. (Eh, what do those people know? Sookie and Bill are hardly second-rate stand-ins…..)

For news on summer standouts, and of course more tidings of fall, read on:

Flash Forward To September

Neil Diamond famously immortalized the month of September (or at least its mornings) in song. “And look how far we’ve come; So far from where we used to be, but not so far that we’ve forgotten how it was before…..,” he once warbled. OK, so he was probably talking about some lady friend, and not Fringe’s alternate reality/William Bell subplot, but now that we have some specific season and series premiere dates to mark on our calendars, we can look forward to a reunion with an old flame or two, and an introduction to a few new faces to love, with the same kind of breathless anticipation. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Vampire Diaries (CW) – Sept. 10
Supernatural (CW) – Sept. 10
Fringe (Fox) – Sept. 17
Dollhouse (Fox) Sept. 18
Smallville (CW) – Sept. 25 (with Brian Austin Green, no less!)
Flash Forward (ABC) – Sept. 24

How We’ll Spend Our Summer Sci Fi Vacation

But we have to kill the time between now and September somehow. I09 has a poll going as to which summer sci fi TV spectacle is the most buzz-worthy. Vying for first place, True Blood and Virtuality are virtually neck in neck (Virtuality might want to don a turtleneck or something, so as to avoid any unpleasant puncture marks from its competitor). The return of Eureka nabs third place, with Warehouse 13 and Torchwood rounding out the top five most anticipated shows. Impact, on the other hand, is defying its title and not making much of a statement with I09’s readers.

[iframe 465 355]

Now You Too Can “Friend” Excerpts From A Fake Reality Show

A twelve minute trailer for Virtuality is now making the rounds (check out the Live Feed’s link here). And supplemental webisodes – crafted as excerpts from the reality-show-within-the-show – are currently available on Facebook.

Buzz is building, but will it be enough to make Virtuality a real-life series?

Primeval Goes The Way Of The Dinosaurs…..

As detailed at Slice of Sci Fi, ITV has cancelled Primeval in spite of a successful three season run and a big screen adaptation in the works. Alas, it was unforeseen that the show might fail to excavate any financiers who could help to fund a fourth season, and word has it that season three ends with not a smatter of closure.

Is this art imitating life? The Mesozoic Era has three successful seasons (peaking with the Jurassic period), after all, before an abrupt cancellation of its own. But, until archeologists unearth proof of meetings held regarding an extension of the Cretaceous period’s contract, we’ll probably never know exactly what happened………..

Our Favorite Vampire Gansta Raps About The New Season

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard discusses Season Two in an interview at Sci Fi Wire. Skarsgard insists his character Eric isn’t all bad. “He can be a great friend,” says the actor. (Er…..sure. Maybe to track-suit manufacturers.)

And that’s that for this week.

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