‘In Treatment’ Star Goes Down The Rabbit Hole, Cotillard On Ferguson, And Which ‘NJ Housewife’ Are You?

Who knew In Treatment’s Mia Wasikowska would graduate to Wonderland so gracefully?

Keep the Real Housewives of New Jersey spirit alive with this “Which NJ Housewife Are You?” quiz. I got Dina!!

Stephen Moyer misses the True Blood camera crews when he and Anna Paquin are home in bed.

Two people I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of: Marion Cotillard and Craig Ferguson.

The AV Club has a fun piece about getting hooked on Mr. Show a little bit late.

Apparently those critically acclaimed Burger King “King” commercials are not bringing home the bacon.

Thanks to Merlin, now you can combine your love of crossword puzzles with your love of wizardry.

Which is better? Dogs on surf boards? Or this cat on a skateboard?

The entries in the Jell-O mold competition: disgusting, brilliant, or both?

I didn’t realize Buzz Aldrin was such a hip hop superstar.

Thank you Cracked, for giving us Scientology’s 5 Newest Celebrity Recruits

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