Real World Cancun: Meet The Cast

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The Real World Cancun premieres tomorrow night on MTV, and from the looks of the previews, we’re in for a wild ride.

But don’t expect 24/7 hours of partying hard and drunken bar brawls – there will definitely be some substance on the new season, regardless of the Spring Break-friendly location.

To prepare for the new season, check out the new cast below.


Derek – a “brutally honest” 21 year old who was raised by his grandmother in a small town. He is “openly gay and loves the single life, claiming he’s too young to be committed to anyone,” but he does have baggage, in the form of an ex-boyfriend who may follow him out to Cancun. Check out his casting video above.

Jonna – She’s described as a 20 year old “biracial beauty” with a boyfriend back home (sorry fellas). She’s also a flirt with a “promiscuous” past who will get in the nerves of the ladies of the house – and get in the guy’s good side.

Joey – He’s a 22 year old bad boy who hopes to be the first to hook up in the house. Let’s see if this Cancun Casanova succeeds in his quest.

Jasmine – At 22 years old and 90 pounds, she’s the tiny one of the group. Jasmine has been known to have the “absolute worst taste in men,” always dating players who treat her like crap. Will she find the one in Cancun?

CJ – This guy’s the “pretty boy,” you’d love to take home to mama. He says his sexual urges get the best of him and would never allow him to become a devout Christian. How long will him and his long distance girlfriend last? Not very long, says MTV.

Emilee – She’s the super emotional daughter of two therapists who says she’s in the house to “grown and learn”…and find a man to settle down with.

Bronne – When we talked to this 21 year old last week, he told us about his upcoming experiences, the drunken fights, and…oh yeah, the part where he kisses a cougar. This guy’s definitely the life of the party.

Ayiiia is the winner, who won a spot on the show due to her loyal friends who worked with her to win the contest

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