Reality Bites For Stephen Baldwin

When it comes to Stephen Baldwin’s departure from I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, reality really did bite.

As previously reported, Baldwin left the NBC reality competition show over the weekend due to a severe allergic reaction to 125 insect bites. Baldwin’s reaction mirrored his allergies to shellfish, which can induce epileptic shock. A medical team assessed that he was experiencing a similar response and he was taken to receive treatment.

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“I was so physically debilitated even with five days left, there was no way I was going to finish as well as I wanted to so I figured the best thing to do was just get healthy,” Baldwin said in an interview Tuesday.

Baldwin also suffered from an infestation of fly larvae in his skin which was removed over the weekend. “That was kinda gross,” remarked Baldwin. “It was like out of a bad sci-fi movie.”

As for his health now, he assured fans: “I’m slowly getting back to normal but I’m feeling a lot better.”

And what about the ineffective use of bug spray? “It’s 100 percent humidity and it’s about 100 degrees in the jungle so anything you spray on yourself literally just sweats off you in about ten minutes,” he said.

To make health matters worse, Baldwin lost 22 pounds over 21 days, subsisting on a meager diet of rice and beans. “I spent most of Friday, all of Saturday and up until late Sunday vomiting because my stomach had shrunk so much,” he said.

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When it came to sharing the spotlight with reality TV villains Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Baldwin had mainly positive things to say. “They’re very sweet. They’re still wacky but they’re very young and I look forward to them having a bright future.” During their brief stint on the show Baldwin even “baptized” Spencer, despite not being an ordained minister of any kind.

He explained that in the born-again faith, “you don’t have to be ordained or anything.” And that it’s more about “the outward expression of your commitment to your faith. It’s kind of a normal practice that was really kind of motivated by Heidi. She said she had been praying that she wanted Spencer to get baptized in water for two years and I have been so committed to my work for seven years now that they had been wondering if would do the honors. I thought it was terrific and I really enjoyed it.”

As for Baldwin’s future in reality TV, he’s “wide open” to doing another show with his brother Daniel. As for the concept, “I think we’re gonna go back into the jungle and find a rare kind of pygmy and try to become their kings, just kidding.” Now there’s a show we’d definitely watch.

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