‘The Real World Cancun’s’ Bronne Talks Cougars, Getting Naked And Getting Real

The past few seasons of ‘The Real World’ have brought us jacuzzi hookups, drunken fights and majah character drama. The latest incarnation of the franchise, ‘Real World: Cancun,’ premieres tonight on MTV – and just the location alone suggests a party-fueled, alcohol drenched season…or does it?

Bronne, the 22-year old troublemaker of the bunch, promises that there will be much more than party hardy – after all, the cast will work for Studentcity.com and will have all the responsibilities of a full time job. All while trying to dodge the temptations of sexy Cancun.

Of course, also expect the unexpected – including a liquor-fueled make out session with a woman twice his age, dubbed a “Sharon Osbourne look-alike” by his house mates. Bronne told us all about this, naked fighting, and what he thinks of past Real World seasons. Read on for the deets.

Tell me about your upcoming cougar experience on the show.
What happened was that it was the second night we were in Cancun and I was pretty drunk, obviously. There was this woman who was totally into us there – she was a mom. My roomie Joey was trying to mack on her daughter and this woman was macking on me, and I’m just like, you know what? I’ve never made out with a mom before. Why not? So I went for it.

Was she a good kisser?

It was different. There was a different feel to it, a different texture. Kind of like leathery. Other than that, kind of sucked too.

Do you have a history with cougars?
That was the first time I ever made out with someone who was fifty-something.

Was she hot?
No. I don’t think so

What’s up with the nickname? Wildcard?
Have you ever seen the show It’s always sunny in Philadelphia? You know Charlie from that show? There’s an episode where they’re plotting, and they decide who’s the brains of the operation, who’s this and who’s that, and Charlie’s like ‘What do I do!”‘ and they go ‘you’re the wildcard! No one knows what you’re gonna do!’ So during my interview they asked me how I would describe myself, and I’m a huge fan of the show so I said ‘Wildcard.’ And it stuck throughout the show.

I heard you also get naked to break up fights?
That didn’t happen in Cancun! That happened here at Penn State. It was at an apartment, we were walking down the hall and there were these two dudes getting in each other’s faces. I was like ‘oh my god this is a huge fight’ so I just took my shirt and pants off and they both ran off and I stopped the fight.

How did you hook up with the Real World?
There was an open casting call at a bar near my apartment and me and my buddies went down there and were gonna make fun of the losers who thought they were gonna get picked for the show. It’s like what are the chance of these guys from out here actually being picked for the show? But I got picked for the show.

Have you watched the ‘Real World’?
No, I didn’t watch it until I got picked! I don’t really like the show! I don’t like reality TV. I watched couple of the Sydney and Hollywood episodes.

How did you like them? Nothing pisses me off more than when I see these dudes crying! I’m like, what? Why are you crying! It’s embarrassing.

Any guys crying in your season?
Oh yeah. Not me though. Yeah there definitely will be.

Do you have any favorite cast members from the past episodes you watched?
The only people I watched and like was Isaac from Sydney, and Ryan from Brooklyn was really funny.

Did watching make you nervous as you were entering the house?

I was watching these shows and I was like ‘Oh my god I’m gonna get locked in a house with a bunch of whiny drama queen cry babies, and I’m gonna blow my brains out.’ I was really nervous.

Anything you’re looking forward to seeing on TV on your season?

I don’t know…maybe seeing if they show me hooking up with some hot girls on TV. That will make me look cool. So I hope that happens.

Do the cameras help your game with the ladies when you’re at a bar?

Oh totally. Absolutely. I’ll tell you right now some of the girls I got would have never given me the time of day otherwise.

With Cancun being party-central, will the season be a party-only house?

We’re not just partying. We also help run the parties since we work for Studentcity.com. It’s fun to see all the behind the scenes involved. We did a lot of that stuff. Plus, from what I saw in other seasons, it seemed like they were more chill. We actually had a job we had to get up and go to, not sleep through our alarms, and stuff like that. It was more dynamic than the other seasons.

Any alcohol fueled fights?
I didn’t get in fights very often at all. If I saw a fight brewing, I would go the other way. I just didn’t care. But – some of the fights were alcohol-fueled, some of the fights aren’t. You’ll be able to tell which ones aren’t. My favorite fights were the ones where one person will be liquored up and the other one will be completely sober. Those are fun fights to watch.

‘Real World Cancun’ premieres tonight at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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