Who Gives A Twit? Lisa Rinna, Deepak Chopra, Perez Hilton…

In between twitting pics of her brand new “$12.50 bikini from Target” and info like “meeting on a new Vh1 show”, best-selling author of Rinnavation, Lisa Rinna and husband (also writing his memoir) Harry Hamlin have engaged in a war of tweets regarding the landlord of their retail store, Belle Gray. Seems the high rent and sluggish economy may force them to close one of their locations. “It’s so sad to me- it is a terrible example for other small business owners he is making an example of us i believe. 11,000 rent is beyond!” It obviously wasn’t “beyond” when you both signed the lease. But I’m sure your landlord can work something out for a few candid bikini shots. Also, did Target pay you to twit those pics (she posted two) and give them a huge plug? Hhhmmm…

Deepak Chopra tried to get deep with us this morning, “Love is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation—Tagore” Isn’t the kewl part of being “a Deepak Chopra” being able to come up with your own quotes? – Bob Hellman.

It appears that a tabloid affair isn’t enough to keep Mrs. Larry King, Shawnie King, from looking for a love connection. After her performance in Las Vegas, Shawnie was checking out Steve Wynn’s new desert palace and twittin’ her coordinates. “Is anyone here at the Encore right now? Tweet me & let me know!” FYI Babe, the entire twitterverse can read your request. Remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is just a slogan. I advise discretion.

Late Night’s new boy wonder, Jimmy Fallon has booked my personal favorite guest, “Tiger Woods is coming on Late Night this Thursday. Wanna play him on the Wii. (it’s the only way i have a chance)” That’s a great bit except for the fact that Conan already did it last year with Tiger. “A” for effort though. P.S. The show is getting quite good. Keep it up.

OK, enough twitting around. Let’s read some tweets!

Annie Duke @7:56:pm 6/23/09: For those of you watching I’m a Celebrity, why did Jesus make Stephen Baldwin such a pussy? LMAO” Star Jones @10:10PM 6/22/09: Ok…America’s Got Talent…I’m sitting here in my own house crying like I gave birth to these three kids. Just give this family the million dollars and let’s be done.” Ricki Lake @8:18PM 6/22/09: Is Charm School over yet? Who won?” John Mayer @1:09AM 6/23/09: Perez, you might have a gash on your face for a few more days, but the real healing? It’s happening right now. Good night Perez, you dumb sh#t.” Dane Cook @7:41PM 6/22/09: John Mayer & Perez Hilton should just play 7 minutes in heaven & stop flirting with each other in front of everyone.” Perez Hilton @7:45PM 6/22/09: Dane, We’ve already done that.” Brooke Burke @5:54PM 6/22/09: In the car writing my next blog. I’d get so much more work done if I always had a driver…” Lisa Rinna @9:54PM 6/22/09: Landlords isn’t it better to help you tenants than to have an empty store/space? It’s what everyone in this country is going through right now ALL mom and pop businesses are being hit” Harry Hamlin @11:02 AM 6/22/09: We r just getting back on r feet and he comes in and says pay up or I’ll destroy you. How bout lets get thru this together? American way? Small business is the engine of our economy and the effort should be to bring it back to life. Everyone needs to sacrifice at this point.” Nancy O’Dell @1:35PM 6/22/09: Sad about the passing of Ed McMahon. Worked with him on last year’s MDA Telethon/such a nice man and gave so much of his time to MDA. Very classy and nice man.”

Ditto, Nancy. Say hi to Johnny for us, Ed. You will be greatly missed…

What do I give a Twit about? The premiere of summer smash ‘America’s Got Talent‘ for one… will we find our own version of Susan Boyle here in the good old U.S. of A.?

Tweet out!

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