Who Gives A Twit? Joan Rivers, Spencer Pratt, Christina Applegate…

I called it here two weeks ago that the King of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity would indeed be Lou Diamond Phillips. Congrats to Lou’s charity and condolences to Speidi’s.

Taking back the reigns of his twitter account while the Mrs. held down his fort, Lou sent his first tweet in three weeks this morning at 10:02, “Hoorah, KING LOU!!!!” Dude, you did good.

Just because he was in Costa Rica, doesn’t mean Spencer Pratt can’t tweet. Regarding the altercation between Will.I.Am. of the Black Eyed Peas and Perez Hilton, Spencer tried to put gossip boy’s mind at ease by tweeting him that the highest power has reviewed his tumult and reached a verdict, “read your statement on perezhilton.com it’s all so true!!! Jesus says you will be persecuted!” Spencey, “persecuted” is a bad thing. I think you meant “prevail.” No worries, I’ll tweet Perez the correction.

Las Vegas residents and every magician’s nightmare, Penn and Teller, are living proof that 7 is Sin City’s lucky number. “We’ve been at the Rio in Vegas full time for 7 years as of today and tonight@10P/Showtime:”Bullshit” is back for season #7! We are now the longest running series in Showtime history!” Topics: Astrology, Taxes, Vatican, Stress, Video Games, Organic Food and more!” Those are the topics for the whole season? Regis and Kelly can cover those same topics in 8 tidy minutes. But I’ll be watching anyway, no bulltwit…

Penn and Teller are for sure like a married couple. Penn has, get this, close to 800k followers. He in turn follows 4 people. None of which are Teller. But twitter seems custom built for his silent better-half, “As I signed autographs tonight, a guy asked, “Is it really you tweeting?” worried that he who talks not tweets not. I nodded.” No wonder Penn isn’t following you.

After a morning show visit by Joan Rivers, “Had a good time on The View”, the Queen of QVC dined with Joy Behar who twitted about their evening, “Had dinner with Joan rivers. A child was screaming at nearby table. We moved” That’s nice. I’m sure the screaming child’s parents weren’t embarrassed enough.

Everyone’s ideal girl next door, Christina Applegate, tweeted this morning about the final episodes of Samantha Who? “There are 7 new episodes that didn’t get to air before. So they will air on thursdays sometimes 2 at a time. Also the finale is really great it’s filled with many changes for everyone. But we left it open bcuz we were convinced we were coming back. : (” I don’t understand why another network, even one like TBS, hasn’t picked this show up?

And now it time to let the celebs twit it out!

Kevin Nealon @6:33PM 6/23/09: Just cooked lunch on my new iPhone’s hot plate application! Sweet!” Melissa Gilbert @5:36AM 6/25/09: up early for a radio tour..two hours of talking about myself,talking about the book I wrote about myself that tells about my…self…. …this is gonna be a rough morning : )” Lauren Conrad 5:57AM 6/25/09: Goooood morning! On our way to Dallas. We have three more signings, all in Texas, then were all done… Until book two in Feb.” Dr. Drew Pinsky @10:15AM 6/23/09: Many are asking about my feelings about LATimes, well, I have been the object of their distorted muckraking irresponsible “journalism” Kim Kardashian @2:54PM 6/24/09: Thanks to every 1 who voted for me in PopEater Hottest Beach Bodies poll!” Spencer Pratt @8:12AM 6/25/09: Trash Me Trash Me Trash Me Trash Me Trash Me Trash Me!!!!!!” Soleil Moon Frye @9:15AM 6/25/09: Going on a date with my one year old. Does going to get a coffee count as a date?”

It does, but only if you met on Match.com

And very sadly, Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning and the twitterverse responded. I’ll bring you a full wrap up tomorrow.

Miley Cyrus @9:51AM 6/25/09: GOD bless Miss. Fawcett. What a beautiful woman. She will be admired forever.” Billy Bush @ 9:52AM 6/25/09: One of the most beautiful and sexy people of all time. Funny and sweet. Farrah RIP” Lisa Rinna @9:55AM 6/25/09: So sad Farrah has died what a sad day. Go kiss and hug all our your loved ones and tell them how much you LOVE them!” Denise Richards @10:02AM 6/25/09: pray for farrah and her family..so sad…my heart goes out to all of them..”

Ours does too…

What do I give a Twit about? The first look at the ‘NCIS’ spinoff, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ looks pretty darn cool I must say.

Tweet out!

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