American Idols Prepare For Big Concert

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I was one of the last reporters to interview this year’s batch of ‘American Idol’ finalists before the cross-country ‘Idol’ tour commences, just days before the new pop stars embark on the tour that will change their careers – and their lives.

The press day took place in a studio at an undisclosed location in the San Fernando Valley, and when we walked in, the Idols were wrapping up their TV interviews. We got to sit in as they sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” for some upcoming ‘Glee’ promotions (watch the clip above, thanks to the LAT!). Then it was our turn, and thus began a long day of chatting and hanging with the newfound sensations.

The first thing I noticed was Allison Iraheta’s laugh. It was everywhere! In the hall, by the craft services table, in the bathroom. This punk/emo girlie would just not stop laughing. Not that that’s a bad thing. In fact, she told us all about that now famous laugh on our individual interview.

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Matt Giraud couldn’t stop singing. Whenever he was walking from one reporter to another, he was constantly singing under his breath. It was quite cute, actually.

Overall, it was a big, giant, gratuitous love fest. All the Idols got along. There were sibling rivalries (Matt and Anoop Dasai) as well as kindred spirits (Adam Lambert and Megan Joy), but not one single drop of disdain. Where are the diva-like demands? The fiery fighting? These kids are too good to be true.

By the end of the day, I had forced Kris Allen to memorize my name, Allison had promised to dye my hair bright red, and Adam had become my voice mail message (and made me the envy of all my friends and enemies). Yes…I think I’m starting to like this ‘American Idol’ show.

Starting Monday, come back to Fancast to check out our special one-on-one chats with each of the burgeoning musicians, leading up to the start of their tour.

Check out ‘Idol Life’ as they stop in your hometown starting July 5th in Portland, Oregon.

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