Sci Fi Tracker – This Week in Sci Fi: Michael Jackson’s Contributions To The Genre; Dr. Carter Has The Antidote For Alien Invasion; And More!

June gloom, indeed. While neither was a genre mainstay, M.J. (Captain EO) and Farrah Fawcett (Saturn 3) did each don a spacesuit, and off-screen, both developed something of an other-worldly glow in their later years.

Rest in peace.

Plus: more casting news for Fringe, Smallville, and The Alien Invasion Show That Isn’t Called V.

Read on.

Curtain Call For The World’s Grooviest Zombie

IO9 makes a timely case for Michael Jackson’s contributions to (or at least dalliances in) sci fi, both on camera and off. From performing Thriller’s iconic werewolf/zombie shuffle and commanding a ragtag crew (really, is there any other kind?) aboard a spaceship in Captain EO, to transforming his body into a “kind of science fiction story” itself, MJ tipped his hat to the genre more than once. It’s a fitting tribute to the King of Pop.

Sorry, Charlie

Meghan Markle’s casting in Fringe seems to make it all kinds of official. Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) will apparently not be appearing in either version of reality in Fringe’s second season.

Because Fringe needed a second hot lady FBI agent……..why?

Paging Dr. Carter…..Please Report To The ER With Some Vials Of Alien Repellent……

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Noah Wyle has been cast as the lead in Steven Spielberg’s As Yet Untitled (But At The Very Least We Know It Won’t Be Called ‘V’) alien invasion series.

If This Doesn’t Inspire Clark to Catch Some Air, What Will?

In still more casting news, Callum Blue has some large Terence-Stamp-sized boots to fill, according to Sci Fi Wire. Seems Blue will paint a certain town red (Smallville, that is) as General Zod in the upcoming season 9, with an eye to opening up a can of whup-ass in Clark/Superman’s general direction.

Will this finally amend Smallville’s status as a no-fly zone?

Jon & Kate Plus Space

Virtuality is Ron Moore’s latest foray into space, this time featuring astronauts combating boredom via some super-cool virtual reality game whilst a television audience back on Earth combats boredom by watching a reality show featuring those astronauts who are combating boredom……and things go horribly awry, as nature (or reality show producers) intended.

The movie/pilot airs tonight on Fox at 8 pm.

And that’s that for this week.

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