The Bachelorette: Tanner’s Anatomy

Tanner Pope was one of the most memorable contestants on The Bachelorette. The Texan listed his occupation as financial analyst, but he might want to look into becoming an anatomy instructor. He spent most of his air time rhapsodizing about Jillian’s feet. He stripped down to his underwear to show Jillian his favorite part of his anatomy. Did he honestly think he’d win Jillian over? Or was he just angling for his fifteen minutes of fame? In a press conference, Tanner revealed himself to be a funny, likable guy with a penchant for terrible grammar. He probably enjoyed being on the show more than anybody else this season.

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How would you describe the perfect foot?

It’s really this simple. [What I said on the show] was a lot of embellishing on my part. At the same time, I love a girl’s pretty feet. Girls feet [are] feminine. High arches and all that is great, but it’s not a deal breaker. I just think that painted toes are what it takes to have hot feet and Jillian has them.

Why did you strip down to your underwear for Jillian in the most recent episode?

You only saw half of [what happened] due to the editing. We were all talking about what we wear [to bed.] I just thought, I’ve been kind of the comedian of this whole thing, I’m just going to bust out and show her my manties. She said it was a little awkward, but you know [how] the rest of the sentence went.

Did you stuff your shorts?

Negative. I was just blessed. All the guys knew it because we had outdoor showers. They all called me King Dong. I did tricks and stuff like that. People would be out there barbecuing and I’d be out there with my sausage hanging out.

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When you told Jillian that some of the men had girlfriends, why didn’t you name names and who did you think had a girlfriend?

When me and Wes first moved into the bunkhouse there was a lot of conversation about what was going on. There was a lot of hearsay. A lot of it was joking around. I never knew whether to take him seriously because I didn’t know his personality at that time so whenever he was joking around about, ‘I’ve got a girl back home”, I didn’t know whether to take that serious or not. But Wes has obviously got some things going as far as his band. The whole girlfriend thing may have been blown out of proportion. I never wanted to tell Jillian unless I was one hundred percent sure. Although you’ll see Jake next week has a little part with the whole girlfriend thing so I’m anxious to see how that goes down. I think we’ll get some more questions answered.

Why did you tell her?

My and her conversation up to that point had been strictly small talk. For me to stick around much longer, I’m not going to start a rumor but there was definitely some stuff going on that was not right. I felt like I needed to let her know.

Why did you ultimately admit to the other guys that you were the one who told Jillian that some of the bachelors had girlfriends?

I think it was the right thing to do. A lot of the guys were suspecting Juan or Dave. I didn’t want that. It was my responsibility so I took it.

How did you feel when she eliminated you?

Some guys had chemistry with her. I, on the other hand, didn’t. So it wasn’t that disheartening when I got let go.

Who do you think was the right guy for Jillian?

It’s so weird because you don’t actually get to see how they interact unless you’re on a group date. So in terms of awkward kissing going on I didn’t see Jake’s whole kiss when he went in mid-sentence but that was a little awkward. There were some weird kisses between Kiptyn and her. Everybody has their favorites. I thought Kiptyn might win at first but it’s hard to tell.

Were you surprised that Ed’s boss was able to reach him so easily to tell him he needed to get back to work? Aren’t you guys supposed to be cut off from everyone?

Maybe he had some special permission. Everybody’s contract is different. Maybe he had a little clause in there that gave him access to a computer. We had no contact with the oustide world.

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