Weekend Double Feature: Fred “The Hammer” Williamson

by | June 26, 2009 at 11:29 PM | The Movies

Fancast Weekend Double Feature

In the interest of counteracting the weird and vaguely racist robots being used as comic relief in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Fancast is presenting a double feature from one of the stars of black cinema’s heydey in the 1970s: Fred Williamson. We’ve got two of his films ready for you – Bucktown, in which he stars with his fellow icon Pam Grier, and then the film that earned him his nickname – Hammer.

Check out the Weekend Double Feature after the jump, and get ready for some serious ass-kicking!

The role that defined Fred Williamson’s persona is B.J. Hammer, a rough-and-tumble dockworker who gets his chance to break into the underground prizefighting circuit. But when it turns out his managers are all a part of a crooked scheme to fix fights, things start to get real, and Hammer has to decide whether lookin’ out for number one is more important than lookin’ out for what’s right.

The Hammer plays Duke Johnson, a man who rolls into a Southern town for his brother’s funeral, where he’s persuaded to reopen the nightclub he ran. Trouble is, this town is run by a bunch of crooked racist cops who were not only responsible for his brother’s death, but will stoop to anything to drive Duke outta dodge – even threatening and harassing his lady friend Aretha (Grier). That’s when Duke calls on some old friends and calls in some old favors to bring justice to Bucktown.

And if you still want more of Fred The Hammer, check him out in Hell Up In Harlem, right here on Fancast.