Who Gives A Twit? Michael Jackson Tribute

While the world was glued to the television watching in complete shock as the news of Michael Jackson’s passing was breaking, the twitterverse was capturing it all in real time. At first reports, no one was really sure if it was true or not.

Ryan Seacrest @3:15: Very sad news. multiple sources reporting michael jackson has died.” Billy Bush @2:49PM: What an awful day…trying hard to verify reports. I was last person to have MJ on camera, calling my sources. This is unreal.” Martha Stewart @ 3:08PM: i am waiting to see if the rumors are true about michael jackson if he has indeed died i am very sorry.” Anderson Cooper @3:13PM: Michael Jackson taken to hospital with cardiac arrest.”

Then the tragic news was confirmed that the world lost an icon who was truly dedicated to one of the biggest comebacks show business and the world, sadly, will never get to experience.

The residents of twittywood shared their thoughts about Michael.

Ashton Kutcher @3:09PM: I plea to the public to refuse to consume media that does not respect the anonymity of Michaels children.” Kim Kardashian @4:41PM: Music will never be the same…” Khloe Kardashian: @4:43PM: you are so right kimmie! It never will. RIP”
Katy Perry @3:39PM: Oh my God.” Sean Combs @5:59PM: Michael Jackson showed me that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life!! He made me believe in magic. I will miss him!” Alyssa Milano @3:58PM: Remember the first time you saw him moonwalk? RIP Michael Jackson.” Melissa Gilbert @4:15PM: What!?!? What?!?! Michael Jackson!!! I’m in shock…. Really.” Brooke Burke @4:02PM: Just heard the news about michael Jackson. I’m so sad…” Lisa Rinna @3:52PM: sending love and light to the jackson family and especially his children.” Jack Osbourne @5:29PM: R.I.P Michael Jackson, we just lost a legend.” Kelly Osbourne @ 6:15PM: what a sad night! i am in shock over how sad i am about mj!” Donny Osmond: I can’t begin to express how sad I feel today. Not one but two friends, Michael and Farrah left us. My prayers go out to their families.” Slash: Really sad news about Michael, he was a talent from on high.” Heidi Montag @3:49PM: The world has suffered a GREAT loss today Michael Jackson my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fans. God bless God rest his soul he will live on forever!” Fran Drescher @5:12PM: Life is so short and money doesn’t buy happiness, get out there & start living the life u imagined love Fran.”

And a few tweeted some personal memories.

Katie Couric @5:07PM: The jackson five was the soundtrack of my youth and michael sang me through my twenties and thirties. He was troubled but what great music!” Jane Fonda @4:11PM: I am stunned. My friend, Michael Jackson is dead. He lived with me for a week on “Golden Pond” set after “Thriller.” Marlee Matlin @4:22PM: I remember seeing the Jackson 5 at Golf Mill when I was kid in Chicago & again before his LA show & at Sammy Davis Jrs house. Its a sad day.” Larry King @5:00PM: I interviewed Michael Jackson when he 12 and with the Jackson 5.” M.C. Hammer @3:07PM: I will be mourning my friend , brother, mentor and inspiration.. He gave me and my family hope. I would never have been me without him.”
Holly Robinson Peete @10:41PM: i met mike when I was 6 in Philly when J5 came to town …changed my life-have a great photo gotta find it I am sooo devastated.”

And news about what can be expected over was sent out over the twitter waves last night, Nancy O’Dell @6:04PM: Corner’s office tells us after initial autopsy results on Michael tomorrow, also send off for toxicology.”

It’s been a horribly sad week in Hollywood. Star Jones summed it up best with her tweet, Star Jones @ 4:53PM: The “Tonight Show” is going to be on in heaven tonight! Ed McMahon will bring on Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson to sit with Johnny Carson!”

Tweet out, Michael…Have a safe journey.

What do I give a Twit about? The latest episode of the hot new USA series ‘Royal Pains.’

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