Who Gives A Twit? Solange Knowles, Spencer Pratt, Carson Daly…

Attending this weekend’s Gay Pride fiesta, “SF pride I wuv you and I wouldn’t have missed ya for tha weeerrllld. Had a blaasssst”, Beyonce Knowles’s little sister Solange certainly knows how to dress for the occasion. She sent out the above twit pic yesterday. This is what happens when you cross the PowerPuff Girls with Charlie’s Angels.

Now that they are back home safe in the hills of Los Angeles, Spencer and Heidi Pratt were doing what they do best on Sunday, frolicking. While Heidi was busy twitting that she’s “smimming!” (Wow, so close), hubby Spencer was retooling his twitter page. Now boasting American flags and a new gravatar of the famous statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Spence assured us that he and the misses are still cool in you know whose eyes, “Speidi is not going to Hell! We want eternal life and are bold in the name of Jesus!” Did he give you that in writing?

And while the rest of us were having dinner on Sunday night, Spencer exchanged one of his over 30 weekend tweets with gossip diva Perez Hilton, “im about to get a manicure and pedicure so i wont be able to talk about Jesus for a while” Sounds like this constant tweeting with Perez might be rubbing off a little. No wonder you couldn’t handle the jungle. P.S., Congratulations. You are the very first person to successfully use “Jesus, manicure, and pedicure” all in the same tweet.

With pregnant girlfriend Siri Pinter expecting the couple’s first child this spring, father to be Carson Daly was twitting for some free medical advice this weekend, “Moms, can u eat sushi while breastfeeding?” Could you please marry this girl already so she can get on your NBC health insurance and you could take her to a real doctor instead of seeking medical advice from the twitterverse?

Anna Nicole Smith’s onetime lover and forever father to their love child, Larry Birkhead, put in his two cents about the Michael Jackson tragedy, “the talking heads are out again in the mj case. everybody was his best friend, the attys, the limo drivers, the seamstress, etc. familiar?” Absolutely does. Reminds me of watching you being interviewed everywhere after the Anna Nicole tragedy.

Ann Curry @8:57AM 6/29/09: Judge: “Not a single letter submitted in support of madoff. Not friends, not family. That is telling. Prosecutors have recommended 150 years in prison. Madoff’s attorney said that is excessive.” Anderson Cooper @1:00PM 6/9/09: Financial Dispatch: Madoff gets 150 years.” John Lithgow @11:58AM 6/28/09: Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone together last night in LA, with crowd going nuts. 32 years since MP&I shared a dressing room, his first job.” Martha Stewart @12:18PM 6/29/09: Broccoli W Pasta Blanch lb broccoli 2″ Saute T butr 2 scallion .25″ 1t garlic + 2T whtwine +4T butr & .25C EVOOil Toss W lb al dente pasta” Bob Vila @7:21AM 6/29/09: Gutters help protect basements and siding from water damage.” Pamela Anderson @8:20PM 6/27/09: sun burn shoulders, will feel it tomorrow.” Kirstie Alley @5:28PM 6/27/09: WHO DO YOU LIKE BEST? CONAN OR JAY?….” Lou Diamond Phillips @6:31PM 6/29/09: They (NBC) cut the last scene which was the mask being dropped. In the mask was written… property of CBS.hehe” Holly Montag @ 11:14AM 6/27/09: so wonderful to be with my bf! DRUNCH”

You’ve gone from Sanjaya to a dude named Drunch? Can’t you meet someone with a regular name, like Bob?

What do I give a Twit about? The sinfully tasty recipes on the new episode of ‘The Next Food Network Star.’

Tweet out!

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