‘American Idol’s’ Matt Giraud Originally Thought Anoop Was “Nerdy”

American Idols Live kicks off in just a few days, and to celebrate, Fancast visited the Idols as they prepared for the upcoming tour.

So you might know everything about Adam Lambert’s favorite hair product, or Allison’s rocked out style. But how much do these Idols really know about each other?

We asked these baby pop stars to answer questions about their Idol buddies. Which pair knows each other so well they can probably finish each other’s sentences, and which ones seem like a couple of perfect strangers?

First up are Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai, who were so full of energy, they were like walking talking Red Bulls. Which Idoler thought the other was a nerd the first time they met and which one spends too much money on clothes? Keep reading for the full scoop.

Anoop, what was your first impression of Matt?

Anoop: The first time I can remember Matt was during Hollywood week when he sang “Georgia on my Mind” and I was like, “shit.” (laughs) He went, like, two people before me. I was dead last and I just remember thinking “man, that guy can blow.” And then just being in awe as the competition went on about how skilled he is vocally and how much fun he is to hang out with, too. And then I stole his iPod cord by accident once.

That’s unforgivable. Matt, what about your first impression of Anoop?

Matt: (To Anoop) You were wearing khaki shirts for “My Prerogative” the first time, right? And a UNC shirt? I was like, who is this nerdy kid up here tearing the house down? He was dressed like he was about to go to class or something! But I was out of my seat and he was just killing it up there. I couldn’t believe it because he didn’t look like someone who could sing like that. But you know what, he killed it. I remember going, this boy can rock! I ended up getting to know him, and he’s really funny and really cool. He’s got more swag than he thinks.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about Matt?

Anoop: Wow. OK. How much time do I have? Let’s see…

Matt: Just pick one!

Anoop: I think he whines a lot. He’s like, “show me how to do this.” I’m like, “Matt. You turn it on. What do I need to show you?” He’s like– [exasperated sigh].

Matt: It’s funny that his biggest pet peeve is that, because that’s exactly what he does. It’s like yesterday, we were told we had to get up at six in the morning today. He’s like, “I hate everything.” (laughs) And the thing is, he’ll whine just as much. But if I whine at all, he will tell me I’m being a baby. He’s the same way!

What is Matt most grateful for?

Anoop: I think Matt is most grateful for being able to play music full time and being out and doing that in an environment where people appreciate it. For a long time he was in a place where he was playing music and doing what makes him happy but there wasn’t a lot of recognition with it. And I think that getting to showcase what he can do for the entire country, that happened to be what he loves doing.

If Anoop were a cartoon character, who would he be?

Anoop: If I were a Disney character…

Matt: What should I say?

You’re going to say Aladdin, aren’t you?

Matt: (laughs) No!

Anoop: I would push you off that stool!

Matt: Who’s that little scientist kid?


Matt: Yeah, he’d be Dexter! Just because he thinks he’s soooo smart.

Anoop: And I want to take over the world.

Matt: With his R&B music.

What is Matt’s unhealthiest habit?

Anoop: Uhhh…

Matt: Taco Bell?

Anoop: I’m going to go ahead and say shopping. It’s his vice.

Matt: That was once!

Is it clothes, or shoes, or giant watches? (Side note: Matt was wearing a giant watch)

Anoop: Everything. (laughs)

Matt: That was tour related! I had no choice.

Anoop: He spent more money on clothes than I ever have.

Matt: I’ve got to look good!

What is Anoop most grateful for?

Matt: I think Anoop is most grateful for the learning process of Idol. I think he really appreciates learning more about the business and how to perform because he knows a lot about music and proper singing and stuff. But I think just being around these great musicians in the band and meeting these mentors and stuff has really made an impact on him. I can see he’s open to new things so that’s good.

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