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The BET Awards, which morphed into a make-shift Michael Jackson tribute to honor the deceased King of Pop, pulled in the biggest cable audience of the year on Sunday with 10.7 million viewers. The previous champ was last week’s special ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8‘ episode that featured the big announcement about the couple’s pending divorce. The BET Awards had to scramble on short notice to pull of the Jackson tribute, which featured host Jamie Foxx re-enacting the ‘Beat It’ video moves, Beyonce singing ‘Ave Maria’ and many other remembrances of Jackson.

Monday Ratings:

CBS scored an overall ratings with its repeats, but ABC pulled out a demo win based on season-best numbers for ‘The Bachelorette‘ and ‘Here Come the Newlyweds.’ Jillian cut loose two more wannabe suitors last night and 8 million viewers watched her agonize over whether to keep country music singer Wes, who just might have a girlfriend back home.

Monday Highlights:

On last night’s ‘Bachelorette’ it looked like Wes would finally get his comeuppance. For those of you not watching, Wes has admitted he’s on the show just to further his music career and is using Jillian for free publicity. Jake, who was booted last week, decided to come back to tell Jillian that Wes indeed has a girlfriend back home, but Jillian decided to trust Wes once again and handed him a rose. Unbelievable! He’s now in the final 4 and it’s looking like Jillian might just have a blind spot for him. This could be a very, very sad ending if she takes him to the end….

And on ‘Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List,’ we got to see Ms. G meet with Paris Hilton, dress like the celebutante, and even flash the paps, ala Ms. Hilton. Kathy’s mom Maggie was charged with updating Kathy’s Facebook, or as Maggie calls it, “Faceplace.” This included updates about “Two-buck Chuck on sale at Trader Joe’s,” and a drunken video posted where she just repeatedly said hello. I can’t get enough of this show, and basically would listen to Kathy repeat the phonebook and probably die laughing.

Tuesday Sizzlers:

  • Rescue Me: 10pm on FX You have to tune in tonight to see what the spiraling-out-of-control Tommy does with a blowtorch. Hint: it’s not pretty.
  • NYC Prep: 9pm on Bravo If you missed the premiere last week, it’s not too late to jump in for tonight’s second episode of spoiled teens gone wild in New York city.
  • America’s Got Talent: 9pm ET on NBC It’s night three of the auditions as the search for the net Susan Boyle heats up.
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