The Fashion Show Is Selling, But Who Is Buying?

When Bravo first announced they would be selling replications of the winning looks from their new reality competition series The Fashion Show, reactions were skeptical. Many thought offering up designs for purchase online was simply a device the cable network was using to differentiate TFS from their recently departed (and dearly beloved) other sewing competition series, Project Runway.

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But as the weeks have unfolded, and the show has been embraced by fans, online sales may prove to be one of the smartest moves the network has made. Nine weeks in, and sales are great. Sales that Jennifer Turner, Bravo’s Vice President of Licensing & Strategic Partnerships, admits the network is very pleased with.

According to merchandising reps, is already sold out of designer James Paul’s black Rubik’s dress from week one, and almost all of the Merlin-maligned navy bolero jackets are gone. As for near sell-outs, Reco’s “new black dress” from week four, and Anna and Daniella’s “glamour wrap coat” from week seven are flying off the virtual shelves.

As for what constitutes a sell-out, Turner declined to comment, stating “competitive reasons.”

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This all may come as surprising news, considering some of the recession-blind price tags on many ensembles. The version of Daniella and Anna’s entire look from week seven is by far the most expensive, and it’ll run you $415, before shipping.

Turner maintains that pricing on these items are determined by “looking to higher end brands as benchmarks/guidance to price individual designs,” combined with what they believed “would be an appropriate price point for the Bravo viewer.”

So who is the Bravo viewer/Fashion Show buyer? Turner lists the profile as “affluent, engaged, [and] passionate about our consumer touch points of fashion, beauty, design, [and] pop culture.”

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If The Fashion Show gets upped for another season, Turner offered that Bravo would consider branching out from the Shopbybravo realm with strategic sales partnerships, saying “we would welcome the opportunity to partner with an online and/or brick and mortar retailer,” as part of what she referred to as the “evolution of ‘Fashion by Bravo.'”

As for how long items will remain available for purchase on, the answer is indefinitely. As long as demand remains high, so the store will stay stocked.

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