Jessica Biel in Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor?”

The latest rumor in big-time superhero movie news is that Jessica Biel is in talks to join the cast of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, the fantasy adventure saga surrounding the magic-hammer-toting Norse God of Thunder, one of Marvel Comics’ heaviest hitters, apparently as a love interest. This wouldn’t be Biel’s first go-around in the Marvel universe, if you remember her turn as vampire slayer Abigail Whistler in Blade: Trinity. If this happens, she’ll definitely bring a bit of name power to a film where the leads are relative unknowns Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. There are four possibilities of just who she’ll be playing, if this is true.

  • Lady Sif: The most skilled warrior in Asgard, the mystical home of the Norse Gods, and Thor’s most enduring true love.
  • Amora, the Enchantress: The scorned lover Thor spurns in favor of Sif, who then resorts to deceit, manipulation and evil to try and bend him to her will.
  • Dr. Jane Foster: This is dependent on whether or not they include the aspect of the comics where Thor is mystically bound to a man of Earth (or as he’d call it, “Midgard”), specifically one Dr. Donald Blake, who could summon Thor’s presence when it was needed. Foster was a nurse in Blake’s employ who developed a relationship with him, unaware of his secret identity. This is a longshot, since all the rumors point to most of the film taking place entirely in Asgard, not on Earth at all.
  • ???: There’s always the chance that the director and screenwriters will get a wild hair up their tuchus and decide to ignore the actual books and create someone entirely new, like Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. Sure, it gives you leeway to do whatever you want with the character – even kill her off – but people tend to prefer it when you don’t make completely arbitrary and unnecessary wholesale changes to the source material. Of course, the Bayformers do that all the time and they’ve got no problems attracting an audience.

What would you rather see? Aside from all these Jessica Biel photos, of course.

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