Who Gives A Twit? Lou Diamond Phillips, William Shatner, Kendra Wilkinson…

Sending us a twitpic yesterday newly crowned king of the Jungle Lou Diamond Phillips enjoyed a walk at Zuma Beach in Malibu with his daughter not having to worry about being attacked by any crocodiles, spiders or Janice Dickinson…

William Shatner likes to give a personal touch when he signs off from his tweets, “Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian fans and friends. My best, Bill” Or – “Friends, You can adopt a Retiring Military Working Dog. These wonderful people can show you how. Bill” Easy with that ego, Kirk. No need to sign each one. Don’t be a twit, It’s a tweet, not an autograph.

Tying the knot this weekend Kendra Wilkinson twitted the playlist from her self-made mix CD to celebrate the occasion and twitted us her wedding song. “GEORGE STRAIT – CROSS MY HEART it was Hank’s and my wedding song!!!! What songs would you be listening to on a secluded beach with the person you love most in the world?!?!?!?!” Not that song, I can assure you. My congrats anyway.

Yesterday a double shot of Kathy Griffin was offered. First, famed wax museum Madame Tussauds is helping her move up from the D-List to maybe the C-List with their latest statue being unveiled, “Outstanding Reality Program-Emmy recipient, Kathy Griffin, will have a wax figurine in Madame Tussauds’ museum in Las Vegas! Check it out!” It’s the first time where a wax statue looks better than the real thing.

Then Ms. Griffin sent out a tweet of her own with a link regarding her upcoming book, “Get a sneak peek at the table of contents of my new book in stores 9-8-09.” Most authors send out an excerpt rather than their table of contents. Sorry, Kathy. I’ll wait for the book.

It’s no secret that Paula Abdul loves dogs. The material girl is auctioning off loads of her material, clothes that is, along with tons of shoes, handbags and other girly items all for charity, “Check out my ebay auction going on NOW! Cleaning out my closet for a great cause” Paula, I did check out your listings and I’m all for your cause, PAWS and the animal Humane Society. But how about listing some items for your guy fans out there? Except for the one dude who is the high bidder at 31 dollars on your Dolce & Gabbana Black corduroy bustier size 38. (38 huh? Tweet me…)

And now it’s time to read the tweets of the roundtable…

Marlee Matlin @7:55PM 7/2/09: Karl Malden was one of Hollywood”s finest actors and my friend. He even knew how to sign! I will miss him terribly. He was a true legend!” Alyssa Milano @11:05AM 7/2/09: The unlikely savior of Michael Jackson’s estate: The Beatles” Sarah Silverman @3:08PM 7/1/09: Had the scariest dream that Michael Jackson died& no one knew why& we all suddenly appreciated his talent& I thought, what good is that now?” Joe Rogan @6:05PM 7/1/09: Managed to get a couple hours sleep this morning in spite of yesterday’s nose surgery. Tomorrow morning I get the packing removed” Joan Rivers @3:16PM 6/25/09: What’s happened to me? My opening act to night at The Gramercy is a band called She-Dick… WHY ME!!?” Star Jones @ 10:47AM 7/2/09: I know what I’m doing Saturday morning…Breakfast at Wimbledon in my pagamas!” Audrina Patridge @6:13PM 7/1/09: On my way to a meeting with mark burnett to talk about my new show!!!:) sooo excited can’t wait!” Kevin Nealon @1:18PM 7/1/09: I can’t tell the Jonas Bros apart. That’s why I keep them in separate boxes.” Ryan Seacrest @4:00 PM 7/1/09: Kevin Jonas engaged? 33.33% of the nation’s tween girls just got depressed”

Smart move, pal. NOT! After Kevin Jonas recites the actual nuptials, I give it 18 months. Tops…

What do I give a Twit about? Some amazingly tasty BBQ recipes for the 4th of July weekend!

Tweet out!

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