Who Gives A Twit? Puffy, Ashton Kutcher, Giuliana Rancic, Andy Roddick…

With women dancing in giant clear bubbles (for real), swings over the pool and celebs everywhere, the place to be this weekend was at Sean Combs’ White Party in Beverly Hills. Normally held in The Hamptons on Labor Day Weekend, Diddy moved up the party to the 4th, brought in Twitter pal Ashton Kutcher to co-host the event, and even broadcast the whole party live to the world courtesy of a fixed camera poolside. “Fixed camera?” Kinda shocked that there were there no camera people available in Los Angeles this weekend but finding women to dance in clear bubbles were.

With a vast guest list including Mariah, Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashley Olsen, leave it to Tila Tequila to light the real life fireworks. “I met Ashton Kutcher last night, and he is actually a very cool dude. we got into a little fight but we good now.” Ahh, I’m sure he’s a “cool dude.” Thanks for confirming.

Tila also got jiggy with Drew Barrymore’s ex, Tom Green, and posted a few twit-pics, “Another pic of Me and TOM GREEN! He danced wit me all night…he is so funnyyy! Love him!!!” It’s about time you got back on the hunt for a new chick already. Work it, Tom!

On a serious note, you have to give it up to iamdiddy and aplusk (I like to use their twitter handles) for dedicating and using this year’s party to raise money and global awareness for Malaria No More, a charity to stop the spread of Malaria in Africa. A few months back Ash alerted the world to this cause via twitter and when he beat CNN in the race to a million followers, he came through on his six figure donation (along with bringing in others like Oprah) for bed nets to help stop the disease from spreading. Really cool to see celebs rallying together and making a huge difference for an incredibly worthy cause. Nice work, guys…

The men’s final at Wimbledon attracted a lot of viewers yesterday. Billy Bush’s tweets nearly averted another Janet Jackson-style Super Bowl fiasco, “Woman behind sampras at wimbledon missing a button on the blouse. Hey sampras, ur on twitter, turn around and tell the lady to button up. Kids in the room.” No kids in my room, Billy. Sssshhh!!!

Weed’s star Kevin Nealon had a busy independence weekend talking about all things American. Starting with our older folks, “Senior Citizens in Florida would be better off if they took more walks and watched less Fox News.” Agreed. Then a 4th of July twitter to-do list was in order, “M-80s? Check. Dynamite? Check. Lawn Darts? Check. Tequilla? Check. Happy Independence Day America!” What, no pot? You’re on Weeds for crying out loud! Even if you don’t smoke, pretend you do. It’s better for the image of the show. Lastly, Kevin gave us his dietary plans for Sunday, “Had a few left-over fireworks today so I used them to make a hearty 5th of July soup. Tastey!” On Second thought, maybe you do smoke.

Now it’s time to twit it out!

Giuliana Rancic
@8:33AM 7/6/09: Word is Mariah Carey to perform at MJ memorial.” Sean Combs @8:45PM 7/5/09: I haven’t been to sleep yet!!! Lol. I’m still at the afterparty from last night! Goin hard in the paint! With no sign of quitting!” Sarah Silverman @5:16 7/3/09: So excited to find out why Palin really had to resign. It’s gotta be something crazy bad. Playboy Magazine here she comes!” Joy Behar @3:48PM 7/4/09: The weekend mystery:what is Sarah Palin up to? I don’t buy the” poor me” bit. Do you?” Jim Breuer @7:50AM 7/6/09: in boston today and tomorrow working on Kevin James’ film “The Zookeeper” with Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Judd Appatow and more!” Kim Kardashian @ 6:45PM7/5/09: I’m house hunting! So fun to do on Sunday’s. I need to move asap!” Miley Cyrus @6:04PM 7/5/09: Dear GOD, I would like a boy that is like John Mayer/ James Morrison/ Elvis/ Rob Thomas all in one. YOU’RE THE BEST! Love always, Miley” Britney Spears @12:49PM: Manneqin’s going into the show tonight for the first time. I’m really excited for everyone to see it!” Jessica Simpson @5:02PM 7/5/09: Estes Park!!! My first show for the christian record. That is where I signed my first autograph.” Mariah Carey @11:15PM 7/4/09: Thank you for inspiring me to make music. I will do my best to make you proud. I love you and appreciate you so much. You keep me going. LYM” Andy Roddick @9:36PM 7/5/09: thanks for all the support and well wishes!! it is very much appreciated and we will get out there and do it again soon! thank you!!!” Andy Dick @5:19PM 7/5/09: working on my new comedy central show. looking at writers.”

Remember Andy, you can look but you can’t touch. Congrats on the new show.

What do I give a Twit about? Today’s the big day SciFi changes to SyFy, so I’m watching previews of ‘Warehouse 13‘ and ‘Eureka.

Tweet out!

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