AI’s Michael Sarver: ‘We’re Not Always Nice, But We’re Always Respectful’

The ‘American Idol‘ hopefuls are hard at work on the American Idols Live Tour, which kicked off this past weekend in Portland. But to them, there’s a whole lot more to life than the countless hours of practice, live performances and press interviews – like those folks back home waiting patiently for them, rooting for them, and supporting their careers from afar.

Their families.

See what Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver have to say about the importance of parents, kids and wives…and what  iPhones and pimp jackets have to do with the big tour.

What was your first impression of Danny?

Michael: Unbelievable singer. That’s it. My first impression was, why did he come the year I came?

And Michael?

Danny: Real nice guy. Over-the-top gentleman. He calls everybody ma’am and sir. I was like, wow. The south breeds some really nice people down there!

Michael: We’re not always nice but we’re always respectful.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about Danny?

Michael: My biggest pet peeve would be when he over-analyzes his talent. He’ll over-analyze his song thinking he’s not doing it well enough. I’m like, that’s ridiculous… you killed it! I wish he could see just how good he is. Just let it go!

And your pet peeve about Michael?

Danny: I don’t have a one! When we had to share a room, he was too clean. I was like, oh man now I have to clean my side.

What’s is Danny’s trademark?

Michael: His glasses. Without a doubt.

That’s an easy one. Michael’s?

Danny: I think his trademark would be his family. The love that he shares with his family kind of sets a standard for people in America . He kind of makes it important again. America has kind of strayed away from the importance of kids and how to treat a family structure with respect. The father being there for the kids, the mother being there for the kids. Kids want their parents. They really do.

What is Danny’s favorite part about fame?

Michael: How it has brought attention to who he is and how incredible his wife was. And what she represented and what he wants to do for people.

And Michael’s favorite part?

Danny: Having a future for his wife and family. It always comes down to his kids for him. Making a difference so they don’t have to struggle. When he worked on an oil rig, he had to be away for a week at a time. Then he came home and had to recoup before going back out for another week.

What was the worst advice that Danny got on the show?

Michael: I don’t know about advice, but one day Simon criticized a jacket that he was wearing. And I thought that jacket was pimp! That was just horribly wrong. I loved the jacket. In fact, I want to wear it. Where is it?

The question that annoys Michael the most is…

Danny: You’ve really got to piss Michael off to get him annoyed. I can’t really think of anything.

Michael: I’m pretty laid back.

Michael can’t walk out of his house without what?

Danny: His iPhone. He can’t leave without it. He’s got kids he’s got to talk to.

Who is Danny’s biggest hero?

Michael: His wife. To be honest with you, I think our heroes… we carry out our hero’s legacy by what we do in life. Something about a hero makes you want to represent a person. He definitely represents his wife and all the incredible things that she meant to other people.

Stay tuned for an interview with Adam and Kris!

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