Shirley Jones Visits ‘The Cleaner,’ ‘Dollhouse’ Demand Shuts Down Net, And More

Cleaning Shirley Jones: Mama Partridge, Shirley Jones, will guest star as a mother with alcohol problems on a special episode of ‘The Cleaner.’ The episode, titled ‘Does Everybody Have a Drink?’ airing July 14th,  will also feature ‘L Word’s’ Mia Kirshner, Steve Landesberg from ‘Head Case,’ and Noah Bean of ‘Damages.’ Jones and Landesberg will portray famed Los Angeles nightclub coupling who are also struggling with alcohol, while their talent manager son is managing the career of a famed musician who is also addicted to drugs. Watch full episodes of ‘The Cleaner.’

‘Dollhouse’ Crashes: Rabid fans of Joss Whedon’s ‘Dollhouse’ rushed the pre-sale of the limited edition Blue Ray and DVD of the first season of the series and temporarily shut down the website The sale was halted as the traffic jam was created. The DVD includes a personal letter to fans and is part of a limited edition collectible package.

Scrubs: On a new episode of ‘Scrubs,’ to air at a new time – July 14 as opposed to July 7 – Elliot questions her future as a doctor over at Sacred Heart hospital. Guest starring in the episode are Robert Maschio as Todd, Eliza Coupe as Denise, Betsy Beutler as Katie, Sonal Shah as Sunny, Todd Bosley as Howie, Lee Thompson Young as Derek, Corena Chase as Robyn, Jean St. James as Mrs. Powell, Tim Moore as Mr. Gold, Mark Ankeny as Mr. Swick, Sara Van Horn as Mrs. Emmitt, Debra Fordham as Dr. Fordham and Deonte Gordon as the orderly.

The Decider: Bill Maher’s scathing critique of the 43 president of our nation comes to Comedy Central on Monday, July 13, with ‘Bill Maher: The Decider’ airing at 12AM.  In the one hour special, Maher will skewer conservative America with his trademark dry humor, and turns his attention to war, sexuality, drugs and religion.

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