Adam Lambert on Megan Joy: “She Is Gorgeous”

Next up in our Idol interviews are Adam Lambert and Megan Joy, who are more similar than you think.

What was Adam’s first impression of Megan, and what does the blond beauty say about his style, and the person he loves? Find out below, and check out AI clips on Fancast.

What did you think of Adam when you first met him?

Megan: I thought he was so gorgeous.

Adam: Aww!

Megan: I thought I could probably talk to him. I felt like his style was someone I could relate to and have a decent conversation with. And we did-it was nice.

And when you first heard him sing?

Megan: Uh, come on! He’s incredible. I think my mouth was literally on the floor. He’s amazing.

And Adam, your first impression of Megan?

Adam: I remember seeing her during Hollywood week, and I was like, she is gorgeous. And then she opened her mouth. She had this quirky posture and mannerism about her, and I was like, that’s cool. I just thought she was so edgy. I hoped that they get it. I was so worried it would go right over their heads, that the judges might not like it. But they got it. I was so proud of her that she made it on the show.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about Adam?

Megan: Should I tell them about the salad? (laughs) [Side note: We overheard Megan saying that Adam eats his salad very meticulously.] Sadly now, he’s so maximo busy. I don’t have him around me enough for him to bother me.

Adam: Give me about a month! She’ll have more to complain about.

Megan: I’ll get back to you on that.

Megan is better than you at what?

Adam: I think Megan is… I don’t know how to answer that question. We actually have a lot on common I think.

Megan: We have very similar strengths.

Adam: Yeah, we do.

Megan: We’re both independent, we’re both outspoken. We are who we are. We don’t waver.

Adam: We’re both diplomatic when needed to be.

What is Adam’s least favorite part about fame?

Megan: I’m sure that a lot of the people prying into his personal life can be tiresome and frustrating. Especially to the people he loves that are involved, that have nothing to do with it and shouldn’t.

And what is Megan’s favorite part about fame?

Adam: Fighting off all the gorgeous men that are beating down her door!

What does she think when people say that not only can she sing, but she’s also gorgeous?

Adam: Well in today’s world, one helps the other.

Adam is most grateful for what?

Megan: His fans, his relationship, his family, his friends. Just the people that make his life as awesome as it is.

And for Megan?

Adam: I think that she’s happy that she’s got all these opportunities that are being presented where she can support her son and to have a career. To have some independence and some security.

What does Adam do that cracks you up the most?

Megan: Adam is hilarious. He has these voices that he does that will always crack me up, no matter if I hear them a million times. And I like looking at him!

Adam: Aww, you’re so cute!

What was it exactly that drew you to Megan?

Adam: I remember the first time we actually talked. We were in rehearsal at CBS and we were in these little waiting rooms. We just sat down and started talking. We immediately started talking about relationships, and life, and the real stuff. And we were both just really open about it. It was really cool because we connected on a real level. It wasn’t about music— it was about life. It was cool.

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