Teri Hatcher Reveals ‘Desperate Housewives’ Twist

There will be wedded bliss…and a wedded diss when ‘Desperate Housewives‘ returns with new episodes this fall.

Teri Hatcher spilled some scoop on what fans can look forward to this season during her appearance Wednesday on ‘The View.’

In the May cliffhanger, one of the ladies of the lane walked down the aisle with Mike Delfino…but the identity of the bride was left as one holy matrimony mystery.

Mike’s fiancee Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) seems more than a logical choice. But after James Denton got to play hero by saving Susan (Hatcher) and little MJ from that maniacal Dave, Mike and his ex shared a smooch that teased fans into thinking we could be on the Mike-and-Susan-merry-go-round once again.

Those housewives have been clawing over the piping-hot plumber ever since he moved onto Wisteria Lane. That’s not news. But here’s the twist.

Hatcher wouldn’t confirm any ‘I Do’s,’ but she did say that whichever housewife doesn’t end up at the altar may end up in the looney bin instead.

According to Hatcher, the character who doesn’t marry Mike has a mental breakdown.

For a refresher on where the ‘Housewives’ left off: WATCH A FULL EPISODE HERE

Casting news is also starting to trickle out. Find out which troublemaker is returning to Wisteria Lane as a series regular when Season 6 kicks off on Sunday, Sept. 27th.

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