Allison Iraheta: “I Was Already Crying When They Said ‘And The Winner Is…'”

Up next in our special ‘Idol’ tour interviews are handsome Kris Allen and pink-haired cutie, Allison Iraheta.

Kris gave us a sneak peek into Allison’s upcoming album, and told us whose hair she dyed on the tour, while Allison sang her praises about Kris’ amazing voice and told us how she felt when he sang Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror.’

What was your first impression of Allison?

Kris: I think the first time I actually saw Allison and actually realized who she was, was in Hollywood week. She sang and I was like, where the heck did this girl come from? And I was like, dang this girl is really good. And so I was really impressed by her. She was a 17-year-old kid who got up there and has a great voice. It blew me away the first time I heard her.

Allison: What song did you sing in Hollywood week?

Kris: Umm… which round?

Allison: The last one.

Kris: I sang “Everything” by Michael Buble.

Allison: I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember you from Hollywood week.

Kris: That’s OK.

Allison: But I remember we sort of got to know each other in the Top 36. I remember him doing the Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror.”

Kris: I don’t want to remember that.

I thought it was good! I liked it.

Allison: I thought it was great too.

It got you into the Top 13.

Kris: It did. I cannot be mad at it.

Allison: I didn’t know how he sang or anything but then the first time I heard him… damn! You know?

I had that reaction the first time I heard both of you. Anyway, so what was your reaction when Kris won?

Allison: I was already crying when they said “And the winner…” They hadn’t even announced who won.

Kris: It never really felt like it mattered.

Allison: Exactly. I knew it’s going to be him or him. So when they said Kris, I was jumping like a lunatic, like a crazy moron on stage. I was so happy. And then when he started singing “No Boundaries” again, I cried even more. Pretty emotional. It was great.

What is Allison’s album going to be like?

Kris: Allison’s album is going to be like Allison. I feel like she’s got that rock feel, that voice. She sounds like a rock chick and I freaking love it. If I don’t hear that out of you I’m going to be so mad.

Allison: OK, alright.

What is Kris’s favorite part about fame?

Allison: Oh, the chicks! And the free chocolate and Snickers bars! No. I don’t know. He’s isn’t the “I’m doing this for fame” kind of guy. Kris I think just wants to let people know who he is and how awesome he is.

What is Allison’s weirdest habit? (Allison giggles)

Kris: She has a lot actually. Sometimes Allison gets loud. A little bit. Sometimes we’re like, let’s bring it down a notch. But that’s part of the reason we love her.

Why do the fans love Kris so much?

Allison: (teasing) Cause he’s so peeeerfect! Seriously, his fans love him because he’s amazing. I’m not going to BS you. He’s true. And I don’t blame his fans for loving him.

What’s Allison’s favorite accessory?

Kris: Hmm…

Her hair?

Kris: Definitely. You gotta go with her hair. Everybody wants Allison’s hair.

Allison: No they don’t!

Yes they do. Do you know how many people could wish they could get away with that? Because I totally could not.

Kris: Don’t say that, Jen!

Allison: Come on, Jen.

Do you want to dye my hair for me?

Allison: I’ve dyed a lot of people’s hair in this competition.


Allison: Michael Orland, our piano arranger.

Kris: His hair was red for like two or three weeks. He could not get rid of it.

Allison: It looked nasty, too!

Kris: It was gross.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you guys!

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